New Carpenters Contract - 3 Year Agreement

The AGC is pleased to inform you that the AGC of Greater Milwaukee has finished negotiations for a new three-year contract agreement with the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters effective, June 1, 2020.
After six weeks of active negotiations, this new three-year agreement provides the following wage considerations:
June 1,  2020--$2.15 wage increase (3.4%)
June 7, 2021--$1.85 wage increase (2.83%)
June 6, 2022--$1.80 wage increase (2.67%)
The negotiated language considerations concerned apprentices, Construction Business Group and additional funding for the random drug testing program (SATAP).
We would like to thank Tim Jones (Mortenson Construction), Eric Wynn (J.H. Findorff & Son) who gave of their time and talent in representing the AGC during these negotiations. We would also like to thank our AGC Labor Relations Director, Barry Scholz, who provided great knowledge and skill in assisting in these successful negotiations.

Our AGC staff negotiator, Barry Scholz, prepared a further summary that spells out in more detail the language changes. You will find the summary here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (414) 778-4100.

Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act


The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the AGC-backed Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (H.R. 7010), which would make substantial improvements to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Now, the Senate must take action and pass this important legislation to save construction jobs.
The PPP has proven to be a popular and significant relief measure for construction firms during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Associated General Contractors of America has identified a number of problems with the program, and this bill addresses several of those concerns by providing greater flexibility to PPP loan recipients for both loan forgiveness and repayment, as well as allowing PPP loan recipients to defer payroll taxes through the end of 2020.
Click the "Take Action" button below and simply submit the pre-written message as is to your U.S. Senators or customize it with personal information on how this issue impacts you and your employer.


June 16th Chapter Webinar: "AGC Member Discounts: What’s New?"

The AGC of America offers web based education throughout the year on various topics related to the construction industry. These topics range from newly released industry regulations to innovative processes and technology that can benefit your company. AGC’s WebEd program will deliver the information you need to the comfort of your home or office.

Upcoming WebEds

AGC Member Discounts: What’s New?
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM (EDT)

Join the AGC at 2 PM EDT on June 16, as they cover updates to the member discount programs. These programs offer members the best savings possible as they continue to grow their businesses. They'll review existing programs and introduce you to our newest programs including Cintas, CrisisDriver, Blubs + Batteries, and Michelin Tires as well as a few oldies, but goodies. Tune in and learn how your chapter can take advantage of marketing these valuable programs.

Learn more and register for this upcoming webinar here.

Virtual Career Academy Advances Construction and Manufacturing Opportunities

Virtual Career Academy provides a path to trades.Industry partners, Building Advantage, tells Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about virtual training options and how they help the industry meet its workforce needs:

Building Advantage, an organization promoting union construction and skilled trades, prioritizes workforce preparedness at all times — even in times of a pandemic.

In light of COVID-19’s impacts on in-person training programs, Building Advantage’s workforce readiness partner, Wisconsin Regional Training Program/BIG STEP (WRTP), launched a Virtual Career Academy to lead effective virtual training and seamlessly continue preparing the construction and manufacturing workforce of the future.

They’ve done so mainly by embracing online tools that allow training programs to keep their standards high while enabling job candidates to learn remotely. The group offers Accuplacer testing to help assess candidates’ strengths, orientation programs, apprenticeship readiness training, certification courses, tutoring, pre-employment training classes and more— all from the comfort of candidates’ own homes.

The virtual training options are just the latest adaptations to an already highly acclaimed program, as WRTP is already a national leader in recruitment and development solutions. An article in The Atlantic refers to WRTP as “one of the most respected places in the country for helping people move up that career ladder.”

One reason that WRTP is so effective is because its training programs are carefully crafted to address the growing shortage of skilled labor in Wisconsin. That means... Read full article here.

AGC Opposes Overly Onerous and Broad COVID-19 Health Standard

In response to recent legislative efforts to force the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to create a new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to address the coronavirus, AGC joined stakeholders in opposing the power grab. AGC prioritizes worker safety and AGC and its members have been proactive since the early days of the pandemic through safety stand-downs on the coronavirus and resources communicating proper safety, distancing, and disinfecting measures to workers on the job site to reduce the risk of exposure.

Despite opposition to the ETS, AGC has been supportive of using industry specific guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The temporary standard as envisioned in H.R.6559 and other legislation could force employers to record and document illnesses like the common cold or seasonal flu. Such a standard would expose employers to additional liabilities and litigation amid the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression. In addition, it could negatively impact employer experience modification rates, which would result in untenable workers compensation insurance premiums. All of this further jeopardizes the ability of employers to weather this unprecedented economic decline and maintain current levels of employment.
Additional coronavirus-related resources include a recently launched OSHA webpage with coronavirus-related guidance for construction employers and workers that includes recommended actions to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. And, for AGC of American coronavirus safety and health resources click here.

Learn more here.

OSHA Issues Guidance to Help Construction Workers During the Pandemic

On May 26, OSHA launched a webpage with coronavirus-related guidance for construction employers and workers. The guidance includes recommended actions—many of which AGC members have likely already incorporated in their safety plans—to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. One item AGC members should take note of is how the guidance details specific construction tasks with exposure risk levels (from low to very high). AGC will continue to monitor how the current pandemic progresses to keep members up to date.

For further information on this guidance, click here.