August 18, 2004 / Issue No. 2-04
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Human Resource & Labor News Returns with New Look!
McCarron Slated to Explain Consolidations
Wage-Hour Administrator to Discuss the Davis-Bacon Survey Process
Generation Expert to Talk About Employing “Millennials”
HR Professionals Mingle and Learn at AGC’s HR Networking Forum
AGC Labor Lawyers Hold 20th Annual Symposium
AGC Supports Tripartite Initiative’s Recommendations for Action
How to Find Labor & HR Information on AGC's New Web Site
New Overtime Regulations Take Effect Aug. 23
Federal Contractors Must Post Beck Notice
AGC Partners with Labor Department on Compliance Assistance
Newly Negotiated Wage-and-Fringe Rates Down Slightly From Last Year
Agreement Not Signed by Authorized Company Official Does Not Obligate Contractor to Make Benefit Fund Contributions
Contractor with Overlapping Jurisdictional Clauses Must Pay Benefits Twice
Segal Company Reports on Multiemployer Pension Funding Levels and Investment Performance
NLRB Reverses Latest Grant of Representation Rights to Nonunion Employees
NLRB’s 10(k) Award Trumps Conflicting Arbitration Award
Diabetic Forklift Driver Denied Claim Under ADA

  How to Find Labor & HR Information on AGC's New Web Site
AGC launched a completely redesigned web site in June, including a reorganized Labor & Human Resources section.

The site is designed to create easier navigation.  It is also integrated with AGC’s membership database, allowing members to update their own profile and preferences and to use pre-populated forms when registering for events or ordering products.

How to Get to the Labor & HR Area

The address of the AGC home page remains  However, internal page addresses (URLs) have changed, and content has been moved around.  To get to the Labor & HR home page from the main home page:

  1. Click on the Research a Topic tag at the top of the home page.
  2. On the Research a Topic page, click on Labor & Human Resources either in the center of the page or in the left margin.  The tag in the left margin has a drop-down menu with direct links to subsections of the Labor & HR section.  The one in the center will take you to the home page for the section, called About Labor & Human Resources.

Alternatively, you can skip the AGC home page and go directly to the Labor & HR home page (the About Labor & Human Resources) by going to

New Labor & HR Subsections

On the About Labor & Human Resources page, you will find links to all of the section's subsections in the left margin.  The new subsections of the Labor & HR section are:

  • Recruitment Center (job posting site provided with
  • AGC Contacts (contact information for AGC national and chapter contacts providing labor & HR services)
  • Publications & Products (links to the labor & HR section of AGC's online publications catalog and to information on how to buy International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans publications at an AGC discount)
  • Committees, Councils, Networks (links to info about AGC-Basic Trades, Human Resource Practices, Open Shop, and Union Contractors Committees, and the Labor & Employment Law Council)
  • Events (links to info and registration about upcoming Labor & HR programs and meetings)
  • Newsletter (background and subscription info for the Human Resource & Labor News, and links to archives)
  • Topical Resources (links to substantive guidance on specific labor & HR topics - see below for more info)
  • e-Forums (info about how to join the HR Practices, Open Shop Contractors, and Union Contractors e-Forum e-mail discussion groups)

Accessing Members-Only Pages

Some pages are for AGC members only (and chapter staff), such as the Newsletter page and the Topical Resources page.  To access one of these pages, or to purchase a product or register online for a program, you will need to enter your nine-digit AGC National membership ID number as your login and your last name as your password.  Your former AGC web site username and password are no longer valid. 

How do you know what your AGC member ID number is?  You may have received it on an AGC National ID card sent by regular mail or in an AGC e-mail sent in June, or you may find it on the address label to your issue of AGC's CONSTRUCTOR Magazine or News & Views.  Still don't have it?  Contact AGC Member Services at or (703) 837-5341.  Be sure to provide them with full identifying information, including your full name, company name, and the AGC chapter in which your company is a member.  They will look up the number for you or assign a number to you if you do not already have one.  Note that a general company member ID number will not work; you must have a personal member ID number.

Once you have logged in with your membership ID number for the first time, you may reset your password by clicking on the appropriate tag in the left-side navigation bar of the Log-In page. You may also save the password on your computer by selecting "Yes" after "Save password" on the Log-In page.

Substantive Labor & HR Guidance 

The new Topical Resources subsection of the Labor & HR section contains substantive information and guidance, including handouts and presentations made at AGC meetings, articles, other papers, links to government web sites, and sample forms and policies.  It is an amalgamation of content found in various other subsections of the Labor & HR area of the old site, such as Labor Relations Guidance, Bulletins, Labor and Employment Law Council, and the HR Forms & Policies Library.  It is a centralized place to find all sorts of substantive labor and HR guidance.

The content in this subsection is organized alphabetically by topic.  They topics are not presently cross-referenced, so, for now, try looking under alternative names for the material you are seeking.  We hope to cross-reference them in the future.  Of course, we will also add more content to the page on a continuous basis.

Union Wage and Fringe Data

The old site included a page called Negotiated Wages & Contract Terms which contained two searchable databases of data from the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC).  One contained union (i.e., collectively bargained) wage and fringe benefit data and the other contained summaries of other collective bargaining agreement terms.  Those databases are unavailable at this time.  However, the wage and fringe database will soon be available in a new and improved form in a new subsection of the Labor & HR area called Collective Bargaining Data.  In the meantime, AGC members who need wage and fringe data can contact CLRC directly via phone at (202) 467-5680 or e-mail at  Be sure to identify yourself as an AGC member and to specify the city and trade for which you need rates.

Additional Assistance

If you have any major concerns about the content or organization of the Labor & HR section, contact Denise Gold at  If you have other comments about the site or technical problems, please contact AGC’s web master at

The AGC web site has valuable information in other subject areas as well:  AGC Foundation, Construction Marketing, Contract Documents, Education & Training, Environmental, Government Affairs, Safety & Risk Management, Surety Bonding, Technology, and Young Constructors Forum.  Check it out, and make sure that other personnel at your company are aware of this great resource! [ return to top ]