July 22, 2005 / Issue No. 3-05
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Professional Development
AGC Midyear Meeting Will Provide Opportunities to Hear From Labor Department Officials and Basic Trade General Presidents
AGC to Offer Several Management Training Programs This Fall
HR Professionals Learn and Network at AGC Forum
Employment Regulations
New Regulation on Consumer Information and Records Disposal Now in Effect
FAR Revised to Adopt DOL Regulations on Site of Work and Union Dues Notices
DHS Issues “Rebranded” I-9 Form
Hiring & Firing
Use of Popular Personality Test Deemed Violation of ADA
Collective Bargaining
Recent Bargaining Results Vary Widely, with National Average Just Slightly Above Last Year’s
Evergreen Clause Remains in Effect Despite Request to “Reopen” Agreement
Taft-Hartley Funds
Contractor Does Not Have to Make Double Benefit Fund Payments Despite Competing Union’s Claim of Territory
Highway Contractor Must Pay Prevailing Wages to Truck Drivers Under State Law Despite Exclusion Under Davis-Bacon

  AGC to Offer Several Management Training Programs This Fall
AGC of America offers a variety of programs that meet the professional development needs of industry professionals at any experience level.

Through construction-specific, intensive, peer-to-peer training complete with real-world examples and exercises taught by highly-qualified instructors, AGC’s professional development programs offer practical tools to take home and apply immediately to the jobsite or corporate office.

For more information on any of the courses discussed below, click here or contact Barbara Hickman at hickmanb@agc.org  or (703) 837-5315.

Advanced Management Program:  Designed to provide participants with critical strategic management skills to successfully operate a construction firm in today's competitive environment, ideal candidates for the program are members of the senior management teams of AGC general and specialty contracting firms.  The course is conducted annually at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas.  The next date will be
November 6-12, 2005.
Construction Project Manager Course:  The construction industry's premier educational offering for project managers, includes classes on scheduling, project planning, communications, leadership/HR issues, claims management, legal issues/contract clauses, safety and substance abuse, cost control, construction productivity, and balancing work and family.  It is offered three or four times a year.  Upcoming dates include October 1-6, 2005, in Dallas, Texas, and December 3-8, 2005, in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Leadership In Construction Workshop:  This three-day interactive work session helps participants discover their leadership styles through a series of personal assessment instruments and create an action plan for continued professional growth.  Attendance is open to all individuals in the construction industry who manage other personnel to meet project or corporate goals.  The workshop is conducted in various locations around the country.  The next date is October 13-16, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio. [ return to top ]