December 23, 2005 / Issue 4-05
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Bricklayers Improperly Filed Petitions for Single-Employer Units of Contractors in Multiemployer Group
Supreme Court Says Employers Must Pay Employees for Time Between Putting on Safety Gear and Arriving at Work Station
Labor Department Advises Employers on Deductions for Weather-Related Absences
OFCCP Sets Forth Obligations Related to Internet Applicants
New Regulations Issued to Clarify Employment Rights of Military Service Members
PAS Publishes Latest Salary Increase and Benefits Data
Labor Department Enhances Online Compliance Assistance
Labor Department Launches Hurricane Recovery Jobs Connection
Save the Date for AGC’s Next HR Professionals Networking Forum

  PAS Publishes Latest Salary Increase and Benefits Data
Wage increases in the construction industry in 2005 were a bit higher than in recent years, paralleling an apparent turnaround in commercial and industrial construction activity, according to PAS Publication’s latest Contractor Compensation Quarterly.

PAS reported that executive salaries rose an average of 4.2 percent this year, professional staff salaries rose an average of 3.7 percent, and open shop craft wages rose an average of 3.8 percent.  [Editor’s note:  A PAS representative subsequently reported to AGC that information gathered after publication of the Quarterly indicates an average increase for executives of 4.4 percent for the year.]  PAS anticipates that increases will be higher in 2006, with average executive increases around 5 percent, staff at 4.5 percent, and open shop craft at 4.5 percent by the end of the year.  This includes increases of two or three percentage points higher than this year in some “hot spots.” 

PAS also reported that 26 percent of firms improved benefit programs in 2005, while only 8 percent reduced levels of benefits.  Voluntary benefits such as health, retirement, and paid time off have risen from 19 percent of total payroll in 1988 to 26 percent of payroll in 2005.  This 2005 average reflects a range from 19 percent of payroll for contractors with revenues of less than $5 million to 31 percent for contractors with revenues of more than $250 million.

Premiums for family fee-for-service health insurance averaged $9,912 in the industry this year, PAS found.  “To cope with these mounting costs, contractors are employing a combination of alternative providers, risk management, cost sharing, benefit limits, flexible benefits, health premium caps, disease management and health savings accounts,” PAS stated.  The percentage of contractors electing to use alternatives to traditional fee-for-service plans rose from 87 percent in 2004 to 93 percent in 2005. 

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