April 17, 2007 / Issue No. 2-07
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Open Shop Contractors Share Local Concerns During AGC Convention
Union Contractors Learn About New Building Trades Drug Testing Program During AGC Convention
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Court Strikes Down Employee Confidentiality Policy as Unlawful Interference with NLRA Rights
Employer Can’t Force Employee Receiving Disability Benefits to Use Paid Leave Over FMLA Leave
Labor Policies & Practices
Employer Lawfully Refused to Allow Worker to Wear Hardhat with Vulgar Pro-Union Sticker
Extraterritorial Clause in Mass. CBA Binds Contractor to Subcontracting and Pension Fund Provisions in Fla. CBA
Collective Bargaining
CLRC Issues Latest Reports on Collective Bargaining Agreement Cost Trends

  Open Shop Contractors Share Local Concerns During AGC Convention

The Open Shop Committee met during AGC’s Annual Convention on March 21.  The meeting featured a roundtable discussion of labor-related concerns affecting open shop contractors around the country.

Several participants reported that the open shop sector is thriving without any significant problems from organized labor in their areas, while others reported various concerns.  The most common problems reported were challenges related to developing a well-trained workforce, including problems with attaining approval of training and apprenticeship programs, recruiting a sufficient number of trainees, and finding adequate funding.  Some meeting participants, including members and chapter staff from Minnesota, New Mexico, and San Diego, spoke of continuing problems with project labor agreements, while a member from Washington state indicated that project labor agreements there are losing ground as owners have become less interested and some unions have been pulling out.  A participant from Wisconsin noted that the City of Madison recently passed a “best value contracting” ordinance and that he expects similar initiatives to gain ground elsewhere.

Chairman Dan O’Brien announced the appointment of Mark Knight as incoming committee chairman.  Knight is vice president of Foothills Contracting, a highway construction firm located in Webster, South Dakota.  His term began at the close of the convention and will run for three years. [ return to top ]