August 24, 2007 / Issue No. 4-07
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DHS Publishes Final No-Match Rule; AGC to Hold Audio Conference Sept. 20
Labor Relations
All AGC Union Contractors Invited to Attend AGC-Basic Trades Forum on Oct. 11, Followed by Pension Discussion
NLRB Strikes Down Private Owner’s PLA Requirement, Leaving Key Questions Unanswered
CLRC Releases Analysis of Construction Union Density Trends
Employee Rights
Court Strikes Down Unsupervised Waiver of FMLA Claims
Workforce Development
Register Now for AGC’s Training & Development Conference
AGC Launches Newsletter Covering Training & Development Matters

  CLRC Releases Analysis of Construction Union Density Trends
“While it is difficult to evaluate small year-to-year changes in the rate of unionization, the portion of jobs held by union workers has never been lower,” the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) reports in its latest Union/Non-Union Trends report.

As reported in AGC’s Human Resource & Labor News Issue No. 1-07, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that union density declined to just 13.6 percent of the construction workforce in 2006.  The CLRC report provides further analysis of BLS data, reporting that the percentage rises to 16.7 percent when looking only at construction craft workers.

CLRC further notes that the national average “hides significant variations in the percentage of union employment by region.”  In the more unionized east north central region of the nation, just over a third of construction workers were union members, while fewer than 10 percent were union members in the two southern regions.

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