October 22, 2007 / Issue No. 5-07
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Court Puts “No-Match” Rule on Hold
Labor Relations
AGC Holds Basic Trades Forum and Multiemployer Pension Meeting
Salts Without Genuine Interest in Employment Are Not Protected from Discriminatory Refusal to Hire
Contractor’s Reasonably Based Lawsuit Against Unions Can’t Be an Unfair Labor Practice
Contractors Expect to Raise Open Shop Pay 4.8%, Staff Pay by 5.1%
Year-to-Date Collective Bargaining Yields 4.4% Increases
Audio Guidance on FLSA Available for Download
Family & Medical Leave
FMLA Does Not Guarantee Full Pay to Employee on Light Duty
Holidays Count in Calculation of FMLA Intermittent Leave
Workforce Development
AGC Releases Video Message on Workforce Crisis
AGC Offers New Education, Training & Development Resources

  Year-to-Date Collective Bargaining Yields 4.4% Increases
Collective bargaining negotiations settled so far this year have resulted in an average first-year wage-and-fringe benefit increase of $1.81 or 4.4 percent, according to the Construction Labor Research Council’s (CLRC) latest Wage and Benefits Settlements report.

These amounts are slightly below the averages reported earlier this year and those reported for the comparable period last year.  At this time last year, the average first-year increase in new settlements was $1.87 or 4.8 percent.  The average second-year increase in newly negotiated multiyear contracts was $1.90 or 4.3 percent, and the average third-year increase was $1.94 or 4.2 percent.  These averages are also slightly below those of last year.  The majority of newly negotiated contracts have increases clustered between 3.0 and 4.9 percent, which is typical.

“Reported craft averages reflect the areas in which settlements were reached,” CLRC reports, noting that the covered settlements include fewer-than-usual agreements with the Laborers and Carpenters. 

The data come from 164 settlements reported to CLRC between January and September, covering nearly 183,000 workers. 

Click here to view the report.  CLRC’s year-end settlement reports, along with other data reports from CLRC, are posted on the Topical Resources page of the Labor & HR section of AGC's web site at www.agc.org/hr/topicalresources.  

Collective bargaining chapters are reminded to please send CLRC information promptly upon settlement of negotiations.  CLRC will accept information via fax (202-347-8442), e-mail (clrc@erols.com), or mail (1750 New York Avenue, NW, West Lobby, Washington, DC  20006). [ return to top ]