July 24, 2008 / Issue No. 1-08
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Minimum Wage Increases on July 24
Staff Salaries Up 4.3% This Year
Early Collective Bargaining Yields Average First-Year Increase of 4.9% This Year
AGC Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule Requiring Federal Contractors to Use E-Verify
DHS Updates I-9 Form
New Federal Law Prohibits Genetic Information Discrimination
DOL Offers New Compliance Assistance Tool on Recordkeeping, Reporting & Notices
Professional Development
Registration Now Open for AGC Training & Development Conference
AGC Holds Successful HR Professionals Forum, Releases Recording of Immigration Session

  Early Collective Bargaining Yields Average First-Year Increase of 4.9% This Year
Collective bargaining settlements reported during the first half of 2008 resulted in an average first-year wage and fringe benefit increase of $2.30 or 4.9 percent, according to the latest report from the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC).  This represents a significant increase from the $1.90 or 4.7 percent reported for the same period last year.  Second-year and third-year increases in newly negotiated multi-year agreements also rose this year, with the averages at $2.49 or 5.0 percent and at $2.31 or 4.6 percent, respectively.

CLRC notes that the national average was strongly influenced by activity in the East North Central Region (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WV, WI).  A large portion of the reported settlements – 39 of 75 settlements, covering nearly 60 percent of the 99,935 total workers covered in the report – came from that region, and the settlements there were above average at $2.77 or 5.4 percent for first-year increases.

Three years continues to be the preferred duration for newly negotiated contracts, CLRC reports.  More than two-thirds of new agreements were negotiated to last three or more years.

The report is intended to merely provide an early indication of 2008 bargaining results.  AGC will provide further information from CLRC as it becomes available.  To view the present report, click here.  To view other reports from CLRC, visit the Labor & HR Topical Resources page of the AGC Web site.  Select “Collective Bargaining” from the first pull-down menu and “Collective Bargaining Agreement Data” from the second.  AGC members can also search for CLRC-collected wage and fringe benefit rates on the Union Craft Wage & Fringe Rates Web page.  The database can be searched by city, state, or craft.

AGC is a founding member of CLRC and supports its efforts to gather and report accurate labor-related information for contractors.  All AGC chapters are asked to send new wage and fringe benefit information directly to CLRC promptly upon contract settlement.  Such information may be delivered via e-mail to clrc@clrc.biz,  via fax to (202) 347-8440, or via regular mail to 1750 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20006. [ return to top ]