July 3, 2008
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With only 123 days until the next President is selected, the race for the White House is expected to be very tight. Pundits are already predicting that as many as 20 states could be decided by five points or less. New and previously unregistered voters are projected to have a dramatic impact on the outcome.  AGC currently offers a voter registration tool on the Legislative Action Center website that contractors can share with employees to help get out the vote this election cycle.

In the Senate, Republicans need to maintain 41 seats to prevent a filibuster-proof Democrat majority.  Unfortunately for the GOP, they have 23 seats to defend in November and must hold at least 12.  Making matters worse, at least half of the 23 seats held by Republicans are competitive (Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Nebraska, Alaska, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Maine, Oregon). 

Due to the poor national climate and the Democrat's unprecedented financial edge, Republicans also face long odds in the House of Representatives where the GOP is fighting to hold 28 open seats and protect several vulnerable incumbents.  According to BIPAC, an AGC partner and independent, bipartisan organization working to help increase political activism among the nation’s leading businesses and trade associations, the key to the business agenda in the 111th Congress will be how many Democrats vote with business at least 50 percent of the time, and how many Republicans vote with business less than 50 percent of the time.  To learn how your representative has voted on issues key to the construction industry go to AGC’s Legislative Activity Web site at www.agc.org/myrep

For questions regarding the upcoming elections, voter registration or key vote records, please contact Elisa Brewer at (202) 547-5013 or brewere@agc.org.
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