August 7, 2008
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AGC Submits Comments to Party Platform Committees Ahead of Nominating Conventions
House Passed Extension of Electronic Employee Verification System July 31

  AGC Submits Comments to Party Platform Committees Ahead of Nominating Conventions
With less than 90 days until the November election, both the Democratic and Republican political parties have begun developing their National Platform on the party's position on a wide variety of issues. Each issue in the platform is a “plank” and each party develops a new platform every four years. Each respective party platform committee will meet prior to the nominating convention and AGC is hoping that our priorities will be considered during the drafting of the platform.

The recommendations AGC presented would have a positive impact on the economy, create opportunities to expand employment and build infrastructure assets that will lay the foundation for future economic growth. AGC considers lowering the federal tax burden on individuals, construction companies and other businesses as a means of promoting investment, business development and business expansion a top priority. AGC also submitted comments on labor and employment policy, which includes comprehensive immigration reform, opposing mandates on project labor agreements and maintaining worker safety.

A major priority for AGC is infrastructure investment. Both campaigns have failed to develop a comprehensive infrastructure plan and AGC will work with the parties to bring this important issue into the debate. In drafting the platform, difficult decisions will have to be made to address the infrastructure crisis and our rapidly changing business climate. AGC advocates that the issue simply can not be ignored and implored the drafting committees to overcome simplistic politicking, pledges or promises that will limit options and make it impossible to properly invest in our nation again.

In addition to providing comments to the platform committees, AGC has developed a candidate comparison based on AGC’s legislative priorities.  Additional information can be viewed on the AGC election resource center.

For more information, contact Jim Young at (202) 547-0133 or [ return to top ]

  House Passed Extension of Electronic Employee Verification System July 31
The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) electronic verification system, known as Basic Pilot or E-Verify, is due to expire in November. In order to prevent the program from expiring, the House voted on bi-partisan legislation that would extend the program for five years while maintaining it as a voluntary program for new hires. Included in the legislation is language that would require two studies by the Government Accounting Office on the E-Verify program focusing on erroneous results and the impact on small businesses. A vote on this legislation occurred last week and passed with over 400 votes.

At this time, it is unclear how the Senate might seek to reauthorize the E-Verify program.  AGC remains concerned about the accuracy and reliability of the E-Verify system; nevertheless, AGC believes that this is an acceptable approach in reauthorizing the program. Passage of such legislation would prevent political battles over other bills that would expand the E-Verify program without the critical elements AGC feels are essential for any expansion of the program.

For more information, contact Kelly Knott at (202) 547-4685 or [ return to top ]