August 21, 2008
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OSHA Proposes Changes to Protective Equipment Rules
Democrats Head to National Party in Denver

  OSHA Proposes Changes to Protective Equipment Rules
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published a proposed rule on August 19, 2008, which clarifies the remedy for violations of the personal protective equipment and training requirements.  The proposed rule does not add any additional requirements to the existing PPE regulations and no new compliance obligations are required; however OSHA proposes to amend its PPE regulation to clarify that failure to comply with existing requirements would expose the employer to penalties assessed on a per-employee basis. 

The proposed changes would clarify inconsistencies in the standard for PPE requirements “to make it unmistakably clear that each instance when an employee subject to a PPE or training requirement does not receive the required PPE or training may be considered a separate violation.”
OSHA’s deadline for comments is September 18, 2008. If you have any questions or wish to contribute to AGC comments, please contact Michele Myers at or (703) 837-5410 by September 15. [ return to top ]

  Democrats Head to National Party in Denver
The Democratic Party Convention kicks off next week, and the Obama campaign has promised to announce a Vice Presidential candidate this weekend in his home state of Illinois.  Former candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and former President Jimmy Carter, are scheduled to make speeches during the four day event, as well as others who appear on the short list of potential running mates.

Meanwhile, as rival candidates Barack Obama and John McCain await their respective official nominations, they continue to politic in key battleground states, including Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota and Florida. Polls continue to show a tight race between the two as curiosity grows about vice presidential candidates.

For more information, contact Elisa Brewer at (703) 837-5013 or [ return to top ]