October 16, 2008
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House Democratic Leaders Propose Infrastructure Stimulus
AGC Prepares for Next Congress; Requests Member Involvement
AGC Mounts Aggressive GOTV Effort

  House Democratic Leaders Propose Infrastructure Stimulus
As reported Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) convened a forum with economic experts to discuss an economic recovery plan for the nation.  She announced that she would be calling on the appropriate committee chairmen to conduct hearings on various portions of an economic recovery package in the upcoming weeks.

AGC has been working with Congressional leaders, Federal agency officials and state and local organizations to determine the current needs for infrastructure investment that would be included in a comprehensive stimulus package.
Such legislation will be an uphill battle for us this year. One stimulus measure failed a procedural vote in the Senate earlier this month, and the odds are stacked against another large package passing this year in the Senate, as it is unlikely that Senate Republicans will change their minds. Finally, President Bush has said he would veto a large stimulus package should it include funds for unemployment benefits and infrastructure investment.
AGC will continue to work with Congressional leaders and the White House to make the case that additional investment in infrastructure provides tangible and ongoing stimulus for the economy.
For more information, please contact Jeff Shoaf at (202) 547-3350 or shoafj@agc.org. [ return to top ]

  AGC Prepares for Next Congress; Requests Member Involvement
With Election Day just 18 days away and the outcome of the Presidential and Congressional races still uncertain, AGC is actively preparing for the next Congress.  Many legislative issues that are a priority to the construction industry, including the nation’s infrastructure investment gap, will need to be addressed by the next Congress. During this debate, AGC will actively advocate for the nation’s surface transportation, aviation, waterways and flood control, and wastewater and drinking water infrastructure. While the main concern now in Washington is the economic crisis, infrastructure funding, legal reform, labor policy and tax issues will continue to be a top priority in Congress.

Once the political climate in Washington changes following the election, AGC will call upon our 33,000 members to mobilize and deliver the message to Capitol Hill that infrastructure investment is needed.  AGC is recruiting grassroots activists to assist in this effort, and will work with and train local activists to deliver the coordinated industry message locally and in Washington.
To learn more about how you can assist with AGC’s advocacy effort or to volunteer to become a grassroots activist, contact Jim Young at (202)547-0133 or youngj@agc.org. [ return to top ]

  AGC Mounts Aggressive GOTV Effort
AGC is pulling out all the stops to make sure that construction contractors have a voice in this year’s historic election and has created a strong get out the vote (GOTV) effort in the final weeks leading up to November 4.  Beyond traditional newsletters, AGC is helping member contractors find polling locations and voter registration materials, all of which are available through AGC’s Legislative Toolkit at www.agc.org/vote.  AGC’s homepage will also feature daily alerts, noting registration deadlines in various states.  Additionally, AGC has already sent out more than 50,000 emails to members alerting them to voter registration deadlines.  Additional waves of alerts will go out reminding members about early voting opportunities. 

In addition to AGC’s efforts, AGC PAC has undertaken a remarkable independent expenditure campaign to encourage support for key construction allies embroiled in tight reelection bids.  Both contractors and non-construction voters will see web advertisements and billboard ads promoting the “Build A Better America” slate of candidates.  You can visit these pages at www.constructionvotes.com.
AGC members are reminded that if they are making financial contributions to individual candidates or delivering AGC PAC checks to Congressional candidates, they must be delivered before Election Day.
For more on how to become involved in AGC’s Political Action Committee please contact Elisa Brewer at (202) 547-5013 or brewere@agc.org

For more information on AGC’s get out the vote efforts or to undertake a similar push at your company or AGC Chapter, contact Jim Young at (202) 547-0133 or youngj@agc.org. [ return to top ]