AGC's Construction Legislative Week in Review - Volume 4 -- Issue 37 -- October 4, 2007 (Plain Text Version)

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DHS Rule Concerning Social Security Administration “No-match” Letters Remains on Hold

This was in response to a lawsuit filed by the AFL-CIO arguing that the SSA database is full of errors and therefore many citizens and legal immigrants could end up losing their jobs because of the new DHS rule.  Subsequently, another suit was filed by some business groups on the basis that DHS did not conduct a small business impact study.  
The judge in the case held a hearing on October 1st to hear the arguments put forth in the lawsuits and delayed a ruling on the case for ten days.   As a result, the implementation of the rule remains on hold until the judge’s decision is made.  

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President to Veto WRDA—AGC Supports Congressional Override

In a draft veto message leaked this week, the President calls H.R. 1495 an “unsound bill” that is “far in excess of what the taxpayer can afford.”  The draft message also criticizes Congress for failing to focus on “water infrastructure projects of the greatest merit” instead authorizing projects whose “merit seems and afterthought.” 

H.R. 1495 authorizes $23 billion in civil works projects administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The biennial legislation has not been enacted since 2000.  AGC strongly supports WRDA and will support efforts to override a presidential veto by Congress. 

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AGC on Hand to Support Infrastructure Investment at Clean Water Trust Fund Rally

Congressman Blumenauer (left) sits on the tax-writing committee that would consider revenue sources to finance a Clean Water Trust Fund. 

The U.S. House of Representatives earlier this year passed a bill (H.R. 720) that would require the Government Accountability Office to report to Congress on the feasibility of establishing a trust fund for clean water infrastructure.  The Senate has yet to act on the measure. 

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House Prepares to Consider AGC-Supported Small Business Contracting Priorities

Among the issues expected to be addressed in the legislation, which will be introduced later this month, include AGC recommendations for improving the HUBZone program and establishing new rules for sole source contracting.

AGC continues to work with the committee on balancing the needs of the federal government’s procurement system and creating an environment in which construction contractors can continue to work to improve the quality of federal construction delivered to the owner, the federal government and ultimately the American taxpayer.

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Senate Passes AGC-Supported Bill to Ban Asbestos

The bill also expands research efforts on asbestos-related diseases and establishes a public education campaign to inform Americans about the dangers of asbestos exposure. 

AGC worked with a group of construction stakeholders led by the National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association to ensure that definitions and test methodologies included in the bill would not impact the supply of materials and products needed for the industry.  In addition to more accurate mineral definitions, S. 742 includes provisions to improve the science behind methods for distinguishing minerals so that common earth and rocks are not inadvertently misidentified as asbestos. 

AGC will continue to work to improve the bill as it moves to the House for its consideration.

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