Volume 1 - Issue 1- January 16, 2004
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Welcome from President Jack Kelley
Welcome to the New Electronic News & Views
Member Highlight
AGC Member Selected as ENR Newsmaker
Highway Issues
TEA-21 Reauthorization -- Congress' Top Priority
Transportation Bill to Create Jobs and Correct the Jobless Recovery
2004 AGC Convention
AGC President Promotes Professional Certification
2004 Convention Highlights
Simonson Says
Trucks of the Trade
Federal Court Orders Agencies to Reconsider ‘No Surprises’ Policy for Habitat Conservation
EPA Launches Electronic Storm Water Permit Application
Nationwide Permit Lawsuit Rejected by Federal Court
Labor & Human Resources
AGC Input Sought on Proposed System For Electronic Submission of Davis-Bacon Payroll Records
Tax & Fiscal Affairs
Seventh Annual Construction Financial Management Conference – Another Success
Federal & Heavy
DOD Releases Iraq Rebuilding RFPs
Courses Avaliable for Engineering and Construction Contract Documents
Register now! Spaces Are Still Available in the February 14-19 Project Manager Course in Dallas
Chapter Corner
Austin’s Young Constructors and Architects Build a Holiday Tradition
AGC Sponsored San Antonio Construction Career Academy Open House
Tech Talk
Construction Bits 2004
Paperless Technology Shootout

  Welcome to the New Electronic News & Views
AGC President Jack Kelley
News & Views has been transitioning towards an electronic format. The new electronic version will be e-mailed twice a month. President Jack Kelley explains the benefits to members.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce AGC's newest and latest membership benefit.  As many of you are well aware, AGC's national newsletter, News & Views, has been transitioning itself to an electronic format.

Beginning with this issue, News & Views will be delivered to all AGC members by e-mail.  The e-version of the newsletter will remain the primary vehicle of association news and activities with the same need-to-know information and the same quality--only more efficient and faster!  In fact, those who have already subscribed to the newsletter electronically have received their copy of the newsletter days before the printed version is even mailed. 

In many ways, the electronic version of the newsletter is actually superior to the printed version.  E-subscribers get instant delivery, and this new format will have hypertext links to more detailed information.  You can store back issues on your computer, e-mail important articles or issues to your colleagues, and if you want or need a paper copy, you can easily print one out by clicking the printer friendly link in the top left corner of the newsletter.  In addition, this new format will allow AGC to monitor the stories that are important to you and expand our coverage to reflect those interests.

Needless to say, AGC is committed to maintaining the value of membership in the association.  To that end, AGC will continue to make every effort to ensure that News & Views remains a valuable benefit of membership. 


Jack Kelley, PE, CPC
AGC President
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