Volume 5 -- Issue 1 -- January 17, 2008
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Highway and Transportation
AGC Shares Commission’s Vision: Create and Sustain the Preeminent Surface Transportation System in the World
Simonson Says
Materials Costs Diverge
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Municipal & Utilities
AGC and PBS Create Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Needs Documentary
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AGC Holds Estimating Academy on March 8-10, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Surety Bonding and Insurance Forecast for 2008—Where the Markets are Heading

  AGC Shares Commission’s Vision: Create and Sustain the Preeminent Surface Transportation System in the World
Bold, Visionary Plan Catalogues Future Needs and Provides Path Forward
This week, the National Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission released its report "Transportation for Tomorrow", which is a blue print for addressing the nation's transportation infrastructure needs in the future.

Jack Schenendorf, Vice Chair of the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission, is joined by other panel members at a press conference to deliver the commission’s recommendation for the future of federal surface transportation programs.

The Commission was established in the SAFETEA-LU legislation and had members selected by Congress and the President. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters chaired the panel and Jack Schenendorf, former Chief of Staff for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, served as vice chair. Many of AGC's recommendations for the future of the transportation program, that were made in testimony to the commission and in other submittals, were included in the report.

Hearings on the report were held January 17 in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and are scheduled for next week in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. SAFETEA-LU must be reauthorized before the end of Fiscal year 2009. Release of this report is viewed as the first step in the reauthorization and begins the debate about the future of federal surface transportation programs.

Summary: The report recommends: investment of $225-$340 billion per year for 50 years to meet identified needs, maintaining a strong federal role in transportation, maintaining traditional 40 percent share of investment from Federal level, consolidating existing programs  into 10 National focus areas, raising the Federal gas tax 25-40 cents to meet identified needs, indexing the motor fuels tax, moving to a distance based tax system in the future, establishing ticket fees for transit and passenger rail, creating freight rail fees, changing the name of the Highway Trust Fund to Surface Transportation Trust Fund (STTF), expanding projects eligible to be funded out of the STTF to include freight and passenger rail projects, creating an independent National Surface Transportation Commission to develop a transportation strategic plan and recommend future revenue adjustments to implement the plan, reforming the approval system to speed delivery of transportation projects, allowing greater use of tolling and congestion pricing and encouraging more private investment.

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