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August 2, 2010

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Topics of Concurrent Educational Sessions

Here’s a brief rundown on the concurrent sessions scheduled during the 2010 APTA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Accessibility for All: A Visioning Process. In the 20th-anniversary year of the Americans with Disabilities Act, explore the direction and growth that public transportation, community planning, and universal design may undergo in the next 20 years.

AdWheel Awards. An entertaining event honoring the best in transit marketing and communications.

Creating a Safety First Culture. An interactive peer exchange on instilling, maintaining, and developing a safety culture in an organization.

High-Speed Rail Alternative Delivery Methods. It’s no secret that the president’s vision of U.S. high-speed rail will cost much more than the $8 billion in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Elsewhere in the world, alternative financing methods are becoming increasingly important to building high-speed rail lines. High-speed rail in Europe, South Africa, and Eurasia can provide lessons to the U.S.

Host Forum. This session, led by VIA Metropolitan Transit President/Chief Executive Officer Keith Parker, will outline the progress the agency has made in crafting its Long Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan for 2035.

State of the Industry—Where Do We Go from Here? This roundtable session, comprising leaders representing all sectors and modes of public transportation, will focus on the current and future economic health of the industry, how various sectors have been affected, how they are coping with these challenges, and collective actions we can take for the future.

American Public Transportation Foundation (APTF) 2010 Scholarship Awards Ceremony: “Growing the Next Wave of Leaders.” Following the presentation of the APTF scholarship recipients, veteran transit leaders will share their stories in an interactive session.

Connecting the Dots—Energy, Environment, Transportation, Housing, Livability. How will a far more integrated approach to planning affect mobility goals in urban, suburban, and rural communities across America? Hear from key experts about how this is already happening and what the future holds.

DBE 2010: Challenges and Changes—Are You Ready? This session will present the latest information on Disadvantaged Business Enterprise issues and best practices, as well as new resources.

Forging Transit-MPO Partnerships for Livable and Sustainable Communities. This roundtable discussion will focus on the institutional arrangements, transit-oriented development, street design, economic development, urban circulators, and financing that support livable communities and other sustainable outcomes.

Best Practices for Small Operators. Attendees will hear presentations on an innovative windmill project, a cutting-edge safety program, a downtown child development center, ultra-fast-charge electric bus project, and the use of social media.

General Forum: High-Speed Rail in the U.S.—A Status Update. This session will allow grant recipients to tell how they intend to change the face of the American landscape while they turn dollars into real jobs in Florida, California, and the Midwest.

Technology Strategies for Organizations. Innovative and effective means of doing just that: institutionalizing the process of technology implementation to achieve the organization’s goals.

Using Social Media to Make the Case for Transit. Hear from transit industry professionals on how they have embraced the use of social media and “moved the needle” in support of public transportation.

Workforce Development: Building a Sustainable Workforce for Public Transportation. Participants will learn more about APTA’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Workforce Development Final Report and its recommendations and implementation plan.

Achieving Success Through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). This session will focus on methods to use PPPs for transit infrastructure and will include a discussion on how to manage PPP transactions for accelerated project delivery. It also offers an update of some of the breakthrough PPPs now underway in North America and internationally.

General Forum: Transit and the State DOT Commissioner—The Future is Multimodal. Hear some of the nation’s top state leaders in transportation talk about how state DOTs serve so many constituencies.

The Letter and Spirit of ADA. The program offers a summary of the key public transportation tenets of the Americans with Disabilities Act and related regulations, ADA’s historical civil rights context, federal oversight, and a discussion of providing service beyond ADA.

Title VI/Environmental Justice Peer Exchange. A lively and informative peer exchange discussion on best practices, compliance guidelines, Limited English Proficiency policies, and using information technology tools to ensure that service is provided in a non-discriminatory manner.

Making Energy Efficiency Work. Energy efficiency technologies, energy storage devices, renewable energy sources, alternative fuels, bus route design optimization, and vehicle design enhancements are components of energy plans designed to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. Participants will learn to determine the useful life of equipment and associated overhaul intervals.

Strategies for Implementing a State of Good Repair. Hear how public transportation agencies are targeting their resources and leveraging technology to keep their public transportation systems in good order.

Successful Transit Agency-Business Partnerships in Tight Times. How are transit agencies and their business partners working in creative and smart ways to make the best of the current economic environment? Hear real industry examples of successful agency-business partnerships.

Sustainable Mobility. A discussion on agencies that have taken the first leaps to integrate transit with other modes, especially bicycles and taxis, and neighboring transit agencies.

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