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Clinton Creates Transportation Advisory Team

According to media reports, Hillary Clinton has put together a team of advisors on transportation policy that includes two former DOT officials, a former governor and a former mayor.  The team is reported to be co-chaired by former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, former DOT Deputy Secretary John Porcari, former FAA Administrator Jane Garvey and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villairaigosa. 

Rendell had been co-chair of Building America's Future, which advocates for increased infrastructure investment.  Porcari, who served as deputy secretary under Transportation Secretaries Ray LaHood and Anthony Foxx, recently joined Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Garvey, an appointee of President Bill Clinton, advised the Obama transition team, and Villairaigosa was under consideration for DOT secretary before Foxx was selected.

Hillary Clinton has pledged to invest $275 billion in infrastructure spending if she is elected. The program would be paid for by revamping business taxes. 

Using Public Transit Saves $9,699 Yearly

A person who switches his or her daily commute by car to taking public transportation can save $9,699 annually — or more than $808 per month — according to APTA's October Transit Savings Report.  These savings are based on the cost of commuting by public transportation compared to the cost of owning and driving a vehicle.  Costs include the Oct. 25, 2016, national average gas price ($2.23 per gallon, as reported by AAA) and the national unreserved monthly parking rate.  For more details, click here.

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AdWheel Awards Deadline Is Nov. 14

APTA's AdWheel Awards recognize the outstanding work of public transportation marketing and communications professionals in three categories: 1) increasing ridership or sales; 2) highlighting public transit needs/funding; and 3) showcasing educational programs. The deadline for entries is Nov. 14. Click here for details.

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High-Speed Rail Policy Forum
APTA Offices, Washington, DC
Nov. 30

APTA 2017 Business Member Board of Governors' Annual Business Meeting
Clearwater, FL
Jan. 25-27

APTA 2017 Transit CEOs Seminar
San Diego, CA
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Take a Free Ride: Like many public transit agencies, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is offering free rides to the polls on Election Day.

Uber Votes ‘Yes’ for Transit: Uber is encouraging Seattle voters to support Sound Transit Prop 1. The ridesharing company’s Pacific Northwest general manager explains why here.

Connected … Everything: What’s the role of infrastructure in the Internet of Things? Find out in this jargon-free article.

“A 21st Century Car”: Riders tour BART’s new “Fleet of the Future,” which went on public display this week. See the love in this two-minute video.

It Opened When?!: The New York City subway system opened Oct. 27, 1904. Some 100,000 people paid a nickel to take their first ride under Manhattan. See a one-minute video here.


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“We want a community where the wealthiest person and the poorest person have someplace where they can meet … and infrastructure can do that for us. The most important thing is that the federal government is willing to be a partner.”

                                         DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx at a press conference in Charlotte, NC
                                         Oct. 25

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