June 2011
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Article of the Month

Each month ASLME Insider reader can download the "Article of the Month" free of charge!

Selected by the editors of JLME, this month's article is "End-of-Life Care: A Philosophical or Management Problem?" by Daniel Callahan. Please click here to read this month's featured article.

Call for Papers: Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Medicine

The American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics will be presenting a conference on Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Medicine at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law on October 27-28, 2011. We are calling for proposals on the following sub-topics, listed below. Anyone selected to participate will be asked to present at the conference in Pittsburgh and soon after prepare a scholarly paper for publication on the topic in a special issue of the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics.

Proposals should be between 500-1,000 words and length and should be related to at least one of the topics listed below. Proposals can address more than one topic. All proposals will be reviewed by the conference chairs, David Orentlicher of Indiana School of Law and Aaron Kesselheim of Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Proposals should be submitted by July 10, 2011 to Ted Hutchinson, Executive Director of ASLME, at thutchinson@aslme.org.

Topics of Interest:

  • What are the successes and shortcomings of prior steps taken to address financial relationships and other influences?

  • With prior steps to address conflicts, have we been nibbling only at the edges without addressing the core problems?

  • Given what we know about how disclosure works, how should financial relationships and other influences be disclosed?

  • What policies beyond disclosure should be adopted?  Which, if any, influences should be eliminated entirely?

  • How do physician and patient interpretation of conflicts make it difficult to address problematic conflicts of interest (e.g., accounting for denialism—gifts don’t influence me; legalism—I only need to satisfy legal standards; and reverse signaling—the presence of conflicts reflects a physician’s prominence)?

  • What aspects of the health care system and/or medical research system make financial relationships and other conflicts more or less influential?

  • How amenable are existing relationships and influences to regulation, especially in an era of shrinking resources?

  • How are financial relationships and other influences beneficial to progress in health care?

  • What can the health care system learn from the regulation of conflicts of interest in other professions and/or other countries?

  • What are the kinds of academic-industry relationships that should be promoted?

  • Should policies regulating conflicts of interest be adopted by health care institutions, federal regulatory agencies, legislatures, or others?

  • What are the key steps moving forward, where are the key players, and how do we implement/fund ideas?

  • What evidence needs to be collected, or what issues need to be defined—how can methods in conflicts of interest be improved so that analysis reflects data rather than anecdote, and how are outcomes measured?

  • How should goals be measured?

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