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Vol. XX, No. 1
Winter 2008
Editor's Note

The Winter 2008 issue of the Forum is full of lovely surprises. At the conference in San Diego, I pledged to increase the student content in our newsletter, as well as to ensure that we have continued, up-to-date information from the Board and our President. In this issue, we inaugurate both a standing student contribution and a note from David Prescott.

It seems only fitting that the first paper in the new student focus be that of Gwenda Willis from Christchurch, New Zealand. Some of you might remember that she was the recipient of the 2007 ATSA Graduate Research Award. Gwenda’s paper deals with the difficult task of evaluating the quality of release planning for sexual offenders. This will be the first of many great contributions from our up-and-coming members. I encourage all students (and their supervisors) to consider letting us know what they’re up to.

This issue also includes a stimulating, ethics-based paper by Janet DiGiorgio-Miller looking at continuity of care for clients—a good companion piece to Gwenda’s student contribution. We also have a couple of very timely book reviews, including thoughts on a new text on PTSD by pioneering psychotherapist Donald Meichenbaum. In the other, Barry Anechiarico reviews a book on young persons who sexually offend.

Last, and by no means least, we have two rather heartfelt pieces in this issue. Most members will know that we lost a real treasure in our field last fall with the death of Jan Hindman. Cory Jewell Jensen, Steve Jensen, and Jim Haaven share their memories of a dearly beloved former ATSA president. In the other piece, our ATSA office staff get an opportunity to spotlight ATSA’s perennial conference go-getter, Jacque Page.

All in all, this issue has something to offer everyone. As postscript, I also draw your attention to the call for papers for Atlanta 2008 and the call for nominations for President and Board of Directors delegates.

Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D.

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