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February 8, 2008
Paid Advertisement: Psychological Stress Evaluator®



            The PSE® with Voice Stress Analysis® has been used for almost 40 years by law enforcement
and various professionals around the world for lie detection and psychological evaluations.

            Whether its sex offender cases or other types of cases, you must know the truth. The PSE® (Psychological Stress Evaluator®), provides the information a trained examiner needs to determine the truth. Only Dektor® invented the PSE and Voice Stress Analysis in 1970. Nobody else! Only Dektor designed the training techniques that give the superb accuracy a professional can depend on to make important decisions. Only PSE had an independent book published, in 1980, that validates the accuracy of Dektor’s technology and training techniques. Only the PSE system has been validated by the U.S. Government for almost 40 years. Only the PSE system, of Voice Stress Analysis, has been admitted into court as evidence. Only PSE had a U.S. Government patent granted for its technology in 1972!

It’s not bragging when facts are facts.

            Nobody can do their job correctly when they do not know the truth. You know and studies have proven that sex offenders do not admit the total truth. When decisions are made based on perceived therapy success or whether to give probation, the real truth must be known. Adults and children’s futures depend on what you do. Their lives depend on it, too. Laws only work if the subjects obey them. There are not enough probation officers to follow each subject around 24 hours a day to watch them. But, the subjects know what they did and so will the PSE. That means YOU will know !

            The PSE 5128 is a very easy system to learn and to use. That is why the accuracy is so complete. The PSE uses the Marantz tape recorder to record the person’s verbal responses. There are NO attached wires that polygraph machines need. The recorded answers are replayed into any PC, desktop or laptop, with the PSE software on a CD that is quickly installed. Various patterns, of the verbal responses, are displayed on the screen and the examiner evaluates them for truth or deception. NO drugs, alcohol or manual manipulations(counter-measures) will deceive the PSE system. Counter-measures WILL affect polygraph and computer polygraph results. PSE training only takes 7 days. Polygraph training takes TWO months and costs much more for training and hotel expenses. Besides yes or no tests, PSE can also analyze phrases or sentences. The evaluations can be done in any language, over the phone and from previously made recordings. Various tests can be used to determine how well a certain type of therapy is working.

            The PSE 5128 is software on a CD that is easily loaded into any PC. Because PSE 5128 is software, it will NEVER break or wear out. The PSE is only $6,500 and training is only $1,400 per person for the 7 day course.

            We have a FREE 155 page CD with more information, articles and full length studies. Dektor is located in Pennsylvania, USA. Call us at 215.631.1448 or email us at admin@DektorPSE.com. Our website is www.DektorPSE.com. We have training centers in the US, Canada and South Africa.  Learn what others have learned of how the PSE is the answer to your cases.   

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