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Vol. XX, No. 3
Summer 2008
Editor's Note

Robin J. Wilson

            Greetings from sunny, hot, and humid Florida! I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer, while they gear up for the fall conference. Having had a chance to peruse the agenda, it looks like we’re assured of another dynamic and fun-filled opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals.

            This quarter’s Forum is full of valuable information and perspective. I like controversy, and am rarely one to shy aware from opportunities to raise issues. In this issue, we have a number of important and thought-provoking pieces. First, new member Jean Mahoney shares her perspective on the difficult dilemma faced by family members of sexual offenders. Next, frequent Forum contributor Mark Carich and his colleagues provide a rationale for not throwing the relapse-prevention-baby out with the bath water. Our next piece is an interesting short paper on what books ATSA members find useful. Ruben Drake compiles lists of favorites of the experts and best sellers, along with a humorous anecdote regarding Gene Abel. Last, we have a helpful bit of perspective from ATSA President David Prescott on the need to be prudent in deciding how best to manage inappropriate sexuality in young persons.

            This issue is rounded out by two book reviews. The first is provided by Don Pake from the Florida Civil Commitment Center and deals with the issue of child abuse prevention. The other is a somewhat unconventional review of Michael Seto’s book on pedophilia, written by me. Both books appear to be valuable contributions to our ever-increasing knowledge base.

            At this point, I want to make a special plea to our student members (and, similarly, to their mentors, teachers, supervisors). I don’t have a student paper this time around because nobody submitted one. I promise to publish any and all reasonable student submissions. It doesn’t get any easier…please send me an email (dr.wilsonrj@verizon.net). For that matter, students:  Tell your mentors, teachers, supervisors to send me their stuff as well.

            In closing, I hope to see all of you in the fall. The Atlanta site is centrally-located and the hotel is well-equipped to handle our crew. AUDIOphilia is rehearsing in Ottawa next month, and we hope to expand both our repertoire and our sound (look for a sax player). As I note in my review of Mike’s book, the ATSA conference is an important part of my professional rejuvenation. Feel free to come along and join me and your other ATSA friends.

Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D.

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