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Vol. XXI, No. 3
Summer 2009
Editor's Note

Robin J. Wilson, Forum Editor

I am proud to say that this may be our most jam-packed issue of the Forum ever. This is a testament to the quality of material we have been able to share with our members. Because many of you have responded to my challenge to submit articles for consideration, we have been able to greatly expand the range of topics and perspectives. It has also been much easier for me to honor my pledge to offer articles contributed by students. As the lifeblood and future of our field and organization, students need our consideration and promotion. My sincere thanks to all those supervisors and mentors who have encouraged their students to submit manuscripts to the Forum.

In this issue, we have lots of interesting material. As the conference approaches, we have many administrative messages and the like. Of particular importance, we’re looking for people to be involved, whether it’s by submitting papers to a special issue of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment dealing with internet-related sexual offending, taking the time to vote for Board candidates (Midwest and Southwest Regions), following up on requests for additional input to the strategic planning process, or by answering the call to join our recently-rejuvenated Prevention Committee. And, that’s to say nothing of our sincere hope that many of you will join us at the annual conference in Dallas at the end of September.

Regarding articles submitted, we have an interesting collection this quarter. I am particularly pleased that we have been able to maintain a cutting edge focus, which is entirely related to the willingness of our researchers to submit synopses and forum-style summaries of their empirical work. In this issue, we have an interesting article on engagement in violence and cultural affiliation (or, rather, lack thereof). Dr. Katie Seidler of Sydney, Australia shares her dissertation research with us. Next, ATSA mainstays David Prescott and Dr. Jill Levenson tackle the timely and contentious issue of treatment effectiveness. Finally, we have a fascinating article from University of Lethbridge doctoral candidate Kelly Suschinsky and Dr. Martin Lalumière, which is our student contribution for the quarter. Kelly and Martin give us some extremely interesting research findings on the issue of sexual preference testing methods for females.

Completely by chance, this issue has become something of a tribute to ATSA member Dr. Phil Rich of the Stetson School in Massachusetts. Phil is a well-known and well-liked expert in the assessment and treatment of youth who sexually abuse. Earlier this year, I received a copy of his new book on risk evaluation in this population and sent it out to Dan Knoepfler in Washington State, whose informative review is included in this issue. However, little did I know that Ruben Drake from Florida was going to submit an interview he did with Phil at last year’s conference. Ruben is one of those sorts of fellows who submits pieces that are a bit off the beaten path. Last time, he provided us with interesting poll results regarding favorite books of ATSA members. Ruben’s interview in this issue dovetails quite nicely with Dan’s book review.

In closing, let me put in another plug for our annual conference. We all know that times are tough, economically, but we need to remember how crucial it is for all of us to be connected to one another. In a sense, we’re all like one big Circle of Support. I know how energized the conference leaves me—in fact, it always renews my sense of purpose. Given the usually sparse degree of external validation we get from the community-at-large, we need to soak up all the internal validation we can get. I promise you that lots will be found in Dallas in September. And, all shameless self-promotion aside, who could bear to miss Wednesday’s performance by AUDIOphilia? Come out, have some fun, and learn a few things along the way.

Robin J. Wilson
Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP

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