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Vol. XXII, No. 3
Summer 2010
Editor's Note

Robin J. Wilson, Forum EditorWelcome to Summer!

I’m not sure about the rest of our membership, but Summer leading into Fall is usually my busiest time. For me, it is a time of anticipation and preparation. The Annual Conference is looming and I’m starting to get excited about the things I will learn, the people I will see, and the presentations I will be making. As “geeky” or “nerdy” as it may be, I really enjoy the buildup to the Fall Conference. Having just come back from the Spring board meeting in Phoenix, I can tell you that the hotel is stunning, the meeting rooms are well-appointed, and the options for post-session shenanigans are varied. Keep an eye open for “Lawrence’s Big Adventure”…

In this quarter’s installment of the Forum, we again have a variety of topics and perspectives represented. We start off with a piece on the “Neurobiology of Dysregulation and Juvenile Sexually Abusive Behavior” by Barry Anechiarico of Massachusetts (say that five times fast). As I was reading Barry’s paper, I realized that this is an area in which my knowledge is underdeveloped. Hopefully, it will also spur others to read more on the subject. Next, Donald Pake, Jr. of Florida provocatively and thought-provokingly declares “There’s No Such Thing as Success in Treatment”. Let’s see if you agree or disagree.

Also in this edition, Toronto’s Ray Blanchard presents interesting data regarding the nature of sexual preferences as measured by the PPG in “Penile Plethysmography, Sexual Orientation, and Stimulus Generalization”. Last, we have the pleasure of reprinting a Feature Article from the newsletter of the California Coalition on Sexual Offending (CCOSO). We are thankful to our sister organization for the opportunity to present this helpful article regarding “Moving Beyond the Standard Model for Actuarial Assessment for Sexual Offenders” by David Thornton, Karl Hanson, and Leslie Helmus. I hope this will provide assistance to members who continue to struggle with how to appropriately choose normative samples when scoring Static-99R. Of course, this continues to be a topic of spirited discussion, particularly in light of the recent Daubert Hearing in New Hampshire and the pending Frye Hearing in Florida as to the admissibility of Static-99R findings in Court proceedings. Related to this issue, many of you may have noticed that the www.static99.org website has been down for a while (so the links in the paper will not lead anywhere). Karl reports that the situation in New York has changed, and that they are no longer able to host the website. He and his associates are currently looking for a new home—stay tuned to the List-Serve for further information.

In closing, it occurs to me that we sometimes have articles that include perspectives that might stir debate or controversy. If you agree or disagree with anything presented in the Forum, and feel like sharing those thoughts, I suggest we start a Letters to the Editor section. Last, just a quick reminder that ballots were sent out earlier this month regarding elections for Board of Directors positions. This is an important process, and I encourage you all to exercise your democratic rights as members of our esteemed association.

Start thinking about Phoenix – Registration begins in just one week!
Check out the links to conference abstracts in the note from Maia in this edition.

Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP

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