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Misperceptions about the Good Lives Model
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Vol. XXIII, No. 1
Winter 2011
Editor's Note

Robin J. Wilson, Forum EditorThis may very well be the largest Forum edition ever; certainly the largest one since I took over as Editor. And, in keeping with recent issues, we have a wide variety of articles reflecting the diversity of our organization. In this issue, you will find inspiration, melancholy, triumph, controversy, and calls for greater collegiality in the fight against sexual abuse.

Lawrence is snowed in again. Big surprise. Of the four issues since his ascension to the Presidency, half or more of his President’s Messages have been written under the white blanket, as it were.

We start this issue off with words of incredible wisdom and inspiration. During the opening ceremonies to the recent conference in Phoenix, participants were treated to a performance of the Eagle Dance by local Zunis. I was awed by the dancers, but was so struck to the core by Conference Chair Geral Blanchard’s opening address that I wanted to make sure that all ATSA members got a chance to read it. I think you will agree that it is a fitting call to transformative action.

Shortly after this Fall’s conference, I sadly passed on via the List-Serve that influential psychology and criminology theorist and practitioner Donald Andrews had passed away. As co-originator of the Risk-Needs-Responsivity (RNR) model, Don’s influence on our field has been huge. One of his many students, ATSA member Drew McWhinnie, shares his thoughts on what it was like to work with Dr. Andrews.

Because many members find it difficult to attend the conference each year – and the economic times of late have not made that any easier – many of you don’t get the chance to hear about all of the wonderful things that happen. This year, my old friend Ray Blanchard was the recipient of the Significant Achievement Award. For the benefit of those of you who may not know him very well, I have adapted my nomination letter as a mini-Forum article, so that you, too, can get to know him better. Review Editor David Prescott acted as editor on this piece.

As for substantive articles, we have three good ones in this issue of the Forum. First, Jon Brandt falls prey to my newfound penchant for asking List-Serve posters to expand their thoughts in articles. He waxes philosophical about a variety of controversial and important issues currently affecting and causing concern for our members. One such area that continues to be of great interest is the transition from Relapse Prevention to newer models, such as the Self-Regulation and Good Lives models. In this issue, Gwen Willis and a cast of familiar GLMers share their perspective as to how we should conceptualize these advances in treatment for persons who sexual offend. While Willis et al. speak to the theoretical framework elements of treatment, omni-present ATSA personality David Prescott gives us food for thought regarding the context of treatment, the roles of the participants, and the nuts and bolts of making sure that our ultimate goals are approached and achieved.

Other pieces in this issue include a report from the Prevention Committee, a review of the recent book on Good Lives and Self-Regulation by Pamela Yates, David Prescott, and Tony Ward (Editor’s Note:  As an author of the book, Review Editor David Prescott was not involved in the processing of this review), and a plea for dissertation research subjects from ATSA member Thomas Graves.

Before closing, let me highlight a few important points:  First, please check the Call for Abstracts included in this edition. Next, also check out the advertisement for Crimspace -- there's some pretty interesting stuff to be found there. Last, our journal (Sexual Abuse) has initiated a blog, with yours truly as the editor. Please feel free to visit sajrt.blogspot.com and make comments as you see fit.

Wherever you may be and whatever you may believe, I hope this Holiday Season is a wonderful one for all of you. Best wishes for great things to come…

Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP

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