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Vol. XXIII, No. 3
Summer 2011
The ATSA Data Sharing Service:
A New Online Tool to Facilitate Data Sharing Between Clinicians and Researchers

Do you have clinical data that would make a good research study? Are you a researcher looking for a new project? ATSA has the website for you: the ATSA Data Sharing Service. The ATSA Data Sharing Service is a free online forum for ATSA members on which researchers, clinicians, program administrators, and others can connect and collaborate. This easy-to-use tool can also facilitate communication between researchers and like-minded research partners. Interested in signing up? The Members Only section of the ATSA website is being revamped to include the Data Sharing Service. In the upcoming weeks, ATSA will be sending each member their new log-in and password information for the Members Only section of the website. Here, you will be able to register to take part in the Data Sharing Service and search for current members in this database. Registration will involve completing a short questionnaire to allow fellow clinicians and researchers to make an informed decision as to whether to contact an individual. There will also be resources posted to assist both clinicians and researchers in the data sharing process.

We encourage ATSA members to make use of this networking service. Expanding our knowledge of what works requires continuous research, and collaborations between clinicians and researchers has high potential of generating clinically relevant knowledge. We have noticed that clinicians and program administrators often utilize self-report measures and other forms of evaluations during their assessment and treatment of sexual offenders. However, due to insufficient time, statistical resources, or assistance, these data are never analyzed. We have also noticed that both junior and senior researchers often find themselves in the difficult position of wanting (and, often, being required) to conduct research, but lacking quality data (e.g., small sample size, narrow breath of data) due to time and financial restraints. Facilitating communication between clinicians and researchers will help increase the number of high quality studies being conducted, thereby helping move current practices forward. 

We hope the ATSA Data Sharing Service will facilitate productive research collaborations between ATSA members.

Look for your new ATSA log-in information soon!


Please address any questions or comments about this service to Kelly Babchishin.

Kelly M. Babchishin, M.A.
Department of Psychology
Carleton University
A812 Loeb Building
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6
E-mail: kbabchis@connect.carleton.ca  

R. Karl Hanson, Ph.D.
Corrections Research
Public Safety Canada
340 Laurier Ave. West
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0P8
E-mail: karl.hanson@ps.gc.ca

Mark Olver, Ph.D.
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Arts Building, Rm 154
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 5A5
E-mail: mark.olver@usask.ca 


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