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Vol. XXIV, No. 1
Winter 2012
Editor's Note

A very Happy New Year to all of you in ATSA-land!

Let me start off this issue of The Forum by apologizing for its lateness in appearing. As you can imagine, the Holiday Season can be a bit trying for all of us. Florida is a popular place for friends and family to visit during winter, and even though entertaining the multitude of Canadians arriving at our doorstep is great fun, it comes at a price – work suffers. That would be the personalized reason for the delay.

The other reason for the delay is more serious. I am not getting as many submissions as I once did. That means that I’m having to invite people to write, or to lurk on the list and see who’s saying what interesting stuff (and who might like to expound on those issues in The Forum). To be blunt, this is not the way we should be doing this. So, I reiterate my oft-issued call for submissions, as well as my pledge to work with writers to “get  their stuff out there”, as it were. I am particularly interested in hearing from students, so those of you in teaching or mentoring capacities … please have your students submit articles for consideration.

OK, back to our Winter 2012 issue. As most of you will know, this past year was ATSA’s 30th Anniversary, which we celebrated well in Toronto. In this issue of The Forum, we have an interesting piece. In the early fall, I contacted the majority of our former ATSA presidents and asked them to answer three questions. I received responses from 11 presidents, whose comments are included herein. I think you’ll find what they have to say to be both interesting and illuminating as to the role played by ATSA’s presidents in the development of our organization. I want to thank all those who participated for playing along.

Speaking of former presidents, Keith Kaufman and associates present us with some thoughts on bringing sustainable child sexual abuse prevention to community organizations. Following that, we have another article from frequent contributor Mark Carich and his colleagues. This time, Mark grapples with the difficult concepts of transference and counter-transference in working with persons who have sexually offended. The last of our submissions this issue is a book review written by Kieran McCartan of the University of the West of England in Bristol. Kieran reviews Terry Thomas’ new book on registering and monitoring sexual offenders.

As usual, we also have some administrative stuff in this issue of The Forum. Most of you will have seen that the call for abstracts is out for next fall’s conference in Denver. Please make note of the February 27 deadline – we’d hate for you to miss out. By the way, if any of you who presented in Toronto are looking for a place to publish your talks, please consider The Forum. Also in this issue, we have a call for nominations for the Gail Burns-Smith Award, a listing of new members, and a call from the Public Policy Committee for members to highlight policy issues important in their respective jurisdictions. The work of PP Committee is one of the ways in which ATSA strives to impact decision-making on a number of fronts. I encourage you to read the invite and to take part.

In closing, I hope you enjoy this issue of The Forum. It’s a fun publication to put together, and Sarah, David, and I get a lot out of the email feedback we receive. However, we can’t make it work without you. Please consider contacting us to submit an article or book review. Our next issue will come out in March.

Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP

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