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David S. Prescott, L.I.C.S.W.

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Vol. XXIV, No. 2
Spring 2012
Editor's Note

Robin J. Wilson, Forum Editor

Seems only yesterday that we were in the middle of winter, looking forward to the new promises of Spring, and now here we are. Many of you have enjoyed a particularly mild March and early April, while our British compatriots just got snowed in … go figure.

This edition of the Forum marks Kurt Bumby’s first as President, and I want to take this opportunity to welcome him to the role and to the function of giving a quarterly address in the Forum. It’ll be interesting to see how he compares to his predecessors, particularly in the photo department. Lawrence will be tough to beat.

In this issue, we have some challenging articles. Frequent contributor David Prescott shares his thoughts on the use of polygraph evaluations in the treatment and risk management of youth who have sexually offended. Earlier this year, Jon Brandt wrote a thought-provoking and well-received guest blog on http://sajrt.blogspot.com dealing with problems he sees within sexual offender civil commitment. I thought it was important to include that essay here in the Forum for those who may have missed the blogpost, and also because having it here gives it more permanence. Jon has made adjustments and updates. I encourage you to have a look and think about the issues he raises, most importantly the challenge he makes to consider and promote paradigm shifts in the risk management of persons who have sexually offended.

Otherwise, we have an interesting article from Stephanie Swayne who shares her thoughts and experiences regarding the benefits of involving persons who have offended in the treatment of others who have offended. Last, we have a book review (by David) of Joanne Schladale’s TOP Workbook for Sexual Health.

Elsewhere in this issue of the Forum, we have calls for nominations for President-Elect, for an At-Large Representative, and for four Regional Representatives, including the Canadian, Eastern, Mountain, and Southern Regions. Nominations for awards are also being sought.

Last, we have information pertaining to our upcoming annual Research and Treatment Conference, to be held this year in lovely downtown Denver, CO. Of course, we hope to see you all there.

In closing, I wish you all a happy and productive Spring. Please remember that I’m always interested to hear what you have to say. Feel free to contact me if you wish to submit an article. As always, students, students, students.



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