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Vol. XXIV, No. 3
Summer 2012
Professional Issues Committee Update

Revision of the 2005 ATSA Practice Standards and Guidelines

Without question, the ATSA Practice Standards and Guidelines for the Evaluation, Treatment, and Management of Adult Male Sexual Abusers (2005) document is among the most influential and widely disseminated resources produced by ATSA. To ensure that the guidelines remain current and reflective of contemporary research and practice, they are reviewed every several years by a committee to make a recommendation to the ATSA board as to whether a revision of the document is warranted.

As such, in 2008, the Professional Issues Committee Co-Chairs, Kurt Bumby and Robert McGrath, issued an open call to the membership seeking volunteers interested in serving on the committee for this purpose. In consultation with the Board of Directors and ATSA’s Executive Director (an ex-officio member of the committee), the co-chairs selected the committee members.  In addition to Co-Chairs Kurt Bumby and Robert McGrath, the following individuals have served on the Professional Issues Committee throughout the entire review and revision process to date:

  • Sandy Jung
  • Geneviève Martin
  • Julia McLawsen
  • Jill Stinson

Once established, the committee solicited substantive feedback from the full ATSA membership and thoroughly reviewed the 2005 document within the context of contemporary research and practices in the broader corrections, criminal justice, and sexual abuser-specific fields.  The committee recommended to the ATSA Executive Board of Directors that revisions be made to the document.  The Board endorsed this recommendation, and the committee subsequently embarked on the revision process.

The Professional Issues Committee is pleased to announce that the final draft revisions have been completed. This document, now entitled theATSA Practice Guidelines for Assessment, Treatment Interventions, and Management Strategies for Adult Male Sexual Abusers was recently submitted to the ATSA Executive Board of Directors for their prescribed 30-day review and feedback period, after which it will be provided to the full ATSA membership for the prescribed 60-day review and comment period.  We welcome any feedback that you have to offer during the review and comment period, and will take all feedback into consideration when finalizing the Practice Guidelines.

It is our hope that the ATSA Practice Guidelines continue to remain instructive and beneficial for ATSA members and non-members alike.  Please stay tuned for the upcoming invitation to review the revised document and provide your feedback!

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