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Vol. XXIV, No. 3
Summer 2012
NYSATSA mourns the loss of its first President

On the eve of the annual NYSATSA conference two years ago, at the Turning Stone Resort, Richard Hamill announced to the Board that he would be resigning because of health reasons. Dr. Hamill was a key leader in NYS for many years and was the first president of the NYS Alliance. The Alliance (NYSASOSP), which held its first meeting in 1988, was a grass roots group of sex offender treatment providers in NYS who were interested in providing education and training for treatment and supervision providers throughout the State. As a result of Dr. Hamill’s leadership, the Alliance membership grew and in, 1994, the first annual statewide conference was held in Albany. Dr. Hamill also spearheaded the statewide effort to develop the NYS Chapter of ATSA and, in 1998, the Alliance was approved as the NYS Chapter of ATSA. It was not a surprise to anyone that Dr. Hamill was elected the Chapter’s first President. For the next six years, Dr. Hamill served as President of both the Alliance and NYSATSA.

Despite the fact that Dr. Hamill was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing extensive treatment, he continued his tireless work in the field and continued to support the efforts of NYSATSA. On May 20, 2012 – the eve of the 17th Annual conference in Hunter, NY – we received word that Dr. Hamill’s two-year fight with cancer had ended. At the NYSATSA Board meeting the next night, the Board voted to dedicate an annual award in his name. The scholarship award will be given out to a graduate student each year who expresses a strong interest in working in the field.

Brent Ewell, who is presently the president of the Alliance, summed up what many of us felt about Dr. Hamill:

Although my time with him was based initially and mostly upon a professional connection, when I now summon up my memory of Richard it is his personality and character that I recall. He brought a sense of calmness to situations, and seemed always to speak with a soft voice, regardless of how strident others might be or how chaotic the circumstances. A soothing and solid rock is the odd combination of impressions that comes to mind. There was a steadiness I always felt when in Richard’s presence, and my professional endeavors seemed safer and better grounded knowing he was out there and that his support and assistance were readily available and would be generously offered if required. What I admired and always anticipated most, however, was his shining wit and slightly off kilter sense of humor. A year or so ago, as Richard was adjusting to the approaching but yet unknown end of life, he talked of his pleasure regarding the infusion of young and talented people into our organizations. I mentioned that while this was no doubt a positive development, his necessary backing off was removing my generation’s “lion” from the midst of things. Richard replied, “I’ve always thought of myself more as a silverback gorilla.” I had to laugh, and it is Richard’s beaming smile and hearty laughter that I will miss the most.

Richard Krueger, the Present-elect of NYSATSA, shared that Richard was an energetic clinician and fierce advocate for improved legislation for sexual offenders. He always had his finger on the political pulse of Albany and was wise in his advice and judgment.

My memories of Richard were of a tireless man who was always willing to step up and help in any way he could. When I replaced Richard as President of NYSATSA in 2005, I realized that I had huge shoes to fill. During the six years I served as president, he was always there when I needed some advice or support. During the past year, I often spoke to Richard and, when I was in Albany, we would go out to dinner. Despite his struggles, he was always upbeat and caring. I last saw Richard about two months before he passed away and I was amazed at how well he looked and how well he was dealing with his illness. He commented to me that he was looking forward to the conference in May and to seeing everyone. Richard did not make it, but his memory will always be there and as a friend and colleague. I will never forget him and will always miss him. On behalf of the Board and membership of NYSATSA, “We love you, Richard.”

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