• Editor's Note
 • President's Message
 • Community Management of Sexual Offenders
in Austere Times
 • Is Reporting the Probability Estimate Sufficient in SVP Legal Proceedings? A Response to Elwood
 • Group versus Individual Prediction:
A Reply to Abbott and Donaldson
 • Pornography and Contact Offending
 • A Prosocial Collaborative Model
for Juveniles Who Sexually Offend
 • Motivational Interviewing:
An Update for Professionals Working with People who have Sexually Abused
 • Can a Clearer Understanding of Prevention
Lead to Action?
 • A New Structure for the ATSA Executive Board of Directors
 • Book Review:
Current Perspectives & Applications in Neurobiology:
Working with Young Persons Who Are Victims
and Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse
 • 2013 Call for Abstracts
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Vol. XXV, No. 1
Winter 2013
Editor's Note

The ATSA Forum for Winter 2013 represents the largest issue in recent memory. We have a wealth of perspective and commentary, as well as some important information for ATSA members, in addition to a book review and call for participation in new endeavors from the Prevention Committee.

As noted, this issue includes important information from the ATSA Board of Directors. Kurt referred to this in his President’s piece, but I also encourage you to have a good look through the proposal regarding changes to the Board’s composition.

Our first piece in this issue is another in the series of debate transcripts from the UK. Drs. Hudson, Kemshall, and McCartan again give us a look into what’s happening in other places from a discussion entitled “Community Management of Sexual Offenders in Austere Times.” Last issue, we included a piece by Richard Elwood from Wisconsin dealing with probability. In this issue, Brian Abbott and Ted Donaldson provide a response, to which Dr. Elwood responds.

Next, we have an edited and improved version of a former SAJRT blog entry entitled “Pornography and Contact Offending,” written by Jon Brandt, David Prescott, and myself. To be transparent and because David and I are both involved in the production and editorial decisions associated with The Forum, we asked Jeffrey Singer to act as guest editor. Gracious as always, Dr. Singer was a great help.

Juveniles who sexually offend continue to perplex both professionals and lawmakers alike. In this issue of The Forum, Norbert Ralph and Karina Wong from California provide valuable perspective regarding “A Prosocial Collaborative Model for Juveniles Who Sexually Offend.” Last, David Prescott provides a shorter version of a forthcoming book chapter regarding new developments in the use of motivational interviewing with people who have sexually abused.

In closing, I hope you all enjoy the remainder of winter as we all look forward to spring and summer. Don’t forget that abstracts for the conference are due at the end of February.

Thanks for all you do,

Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP


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