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Vol. XXV, No. 2
Spring 2013
Editor's Note

I hope that Spring has finally sprung for most of you in the Northern Hemisphere; although, a blizzard during the MnATSA conference in Minneapolis last week was certainly a surprise. Down under? Well, I guess you folks are well into Fall.

There’s no hiding the fact that this edition of the Forum is late. However, in our defense, please give Kurt’s presidential message a good read. As an organization, ATSA is moving into a new and exciting phase of Board restructuring. Accordingly, a lot of planning and decision-making has been underway. Because the Forum is delivered to every member, we thought it best to hold off on releasing the Spring Edition until we could bring you all up to speed on what’s been happening. Again, please refer to Kurt’s note.

As usual, we have a nice mix of perspective in this edition of the Forum. First, James Reavis and Jan Looman collaborate on a piece focusing on adverse childhood experiences and their effects on later involvement in problematic behavior. Specifically, Reavis and Looman highlight the need for early detection and prevention.

Many of you are aware that the US Sentencing Commission held hearings late last year looking at sanctions for child pornography offenses. Indeed, our very own Michael Seto was one of the prominent experts providing testimony. In this edition, Los Angeles attorney Karen L. Goldstein highlights some of the ongoing difficulties in assessing fair and proper sentences to offenders, with a particular emphasis on making sure that the law keeps step with technological and societal advances.

In our next article, Tom Graves makes a thoughtful case for re-examining the role and influence of empathy in sexual abuse and treatment programming for offenders. Last, we have the final of four online debate transcripts from the UK Knowledge Exchange Network overseen by Kieran McCartan, Hazel Kemshall, and Kirsty Hudson.

Otherwise, please take note of the call for nominations for Board of Directors positions, as well as the call for award nominations and the introduction of new members. Three thousand members, here we come…

Have a good Spring or Fall, wherever you are, and we’ll see you again in June.


Robin J. Wilson

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