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Self-Care for Professionals Working with People Who Offend Sexually
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Changing Attitudes, Changing Practice
 • Pornography: Can Overuse be an Addiction?
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A Brief Summary
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International Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders:
Theory, Practice, and Research
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Treating Sex Offenders:
An Evidence-Based Manual
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David S. Prescott, L.I.C.S.W.

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Sarah Gorter

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Vol. XXV, No. 3-4
Summer-Fall 2013
Editor's Note

Hello to all my fellow ATSA members as we head into fall. The annual conference is just around the corner and I’m feverishly getting ready for my trip to Chicago. I very much look forward to the opportunity to see many of you and to have some fun learning more about what we do to increase public safety and work to prevent sexual abuse everywhere.

You’ve likely noticed that it’s been some time since you last saw an issue of the Forum. Let me apologize for being late; however, there are reasons for this. For the first time since I have been at the helm, there simply were not enough articles in June to justify going to press. Typically, I like to have a mix of articles, reviews, and other perspectives to make a well-rounded issue. So, what you have here is a double-issue, of sorts. Between June and now, I was able to tease some articles out of close associates and friends, but this is a difficult way to run a newsletter. Once again, the call is put out for members to consider sharing with their colleagues what they do in their research and practice lives. It doesn’t have to be a formal research article or something eminently earthshattering. Really, we’re simply looking to keep our finger on the pulse of our association. And, may I say it again? I publish students.

Otherwise, there has been a lot going on in ATSA over the past several months. We’re at a critical juncture in our strategic plan and sometimes it is necessary to slow the publication of the Forum in order to make sure that we appropriately inform the membership about these goings on. So, please have a close look at the organizational pieces that follow our usual articles and reviews.

A double issue means double the fun when it comes to articles. In the Summer/Fall 2013 edition, we have articles about the sometimes difficult side of our work. Dan Knoepfler writes about how he coped with the suicide of a client, while Gerry Blasingame and I write about how to ensure you have a “psychological hazmat suit” to deal with the vicarious trauma commonly experienced by many of our members. Our colleagues in the UK share another article based on an Economic and Social Research Council project—this one having been aimed at better understanding social perspectives on sexual violence in youth. The always thoughtful Jon Brandt then launches into the breach in addressing the currently hot topic of pornography and addiction. Familiar Forum contributor Mark Carich and his colleagues provide perspective on key features of contemporary sexual offender treatment. Last, David Prescott shares his thoughts about the potential yoga might hold for us in our efforts to better respond to our clients in treatment.

Speaking of Mr. Prescott . Our Review Editor provides two thoughtful book reviews this issue. One book reviews international perspectives on the assessment and management of sexual offender risk (reviewed by Geraldine Akerman). The other provides some meat and potatoes information on how to ensure an evidence-based foundation in sexual offender treatment (reviewed by David).

I hope you find this double-issue to be as full of interesting stuff as I did. However, I hope not to have to repeat this too often. That means that I will need to rely on you—my fellow members—to step up and share what you’re doing to make society safer. Please feel free to email me (dr.wilsonrj@verizon.net) if you have any ideas. For those of you with students, what better way to help them start establishing themselves in the field than to begin building a publications record?

See you in Chicago. 2013 marks AUDIOphilia’s 10th anniversary.

Robin J. Wilson


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