Vol. XXVIII, No. 2
Spring 2016
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Risk of sexual recidivism among women: The importance of base rates
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Juvenile Sex Offender Registration: Its Relationship to Depression in Adulthood
What Does the General Public Know and Want to Know About Sex Offenders?
Help Wanted: Lessons on Prevention from Non-Offending Young Adult Pedophiles
A Meta-Change Maintenance Model: Effective Strategies to Maintain a Pro-Social Lifestyle
Students' Voice
An Examination of the Construct Validity of Hebephilia
Book Review
Open Dialogues and Anticipations: Respecting Otherness in the Present Moment
Call for ATSA Board Nominations
35th Annual Research and Treatment Conference
Update from the ATSA Adolescent Guidelines Committee
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Regular Features
Editor's Note
Heather Moulden, Forum Editor

Heather Moulden, Forum Editor

I like preparing the spring edition of the Forum in the middle of winter. Just thinking ahead to spring gives me relief as I’m flying from Ottawa to Toronto on the coldest day of winter (-43oC, -45oF) reviewing submissions and writing this note. In this edition I’m struck by how so much of what we do is about challenging and changing perspectives: our own, our clients, and the community. This issue is filled with interesting perspectives on how we, as a society, understand sexual abuse and what we can do about it.

Maaike Helmus shares the summary of findings from a survey undertaken by the Strategic Planning Committee to better understand how the public sees the problems of sexual abuse. As she explains in her article, by knowing their perspective it can guide our efforts to inform and engage with all members of our community. This information also helps to guide prevention strategies and policies that are again relevant to society as a whole, not just us or our clients.

Preliminary themes from the Help Wanted research initiative reveal the important, and until recently, unknown perspective of non-offending adolescents with pedophilia. This piece previews early themes emerging from the interviews, and also about how to direct interested participants or therapists to the study.

The book review continues the theme of challenging perspectives, and David highlights how being open and genuinely engaged with the perspective of our clients really galvanizes our treatment efforts. The concept of open dialogues and its effectiveness is demonstrated through work with individuals diagnosed with psychosis and illustrates how openness to other perspectives inspires new learning and applications to our field.

Finally, in her piece about the impact of juvenile sex offender registration Sharon Denniston summarizes her research examining the perspective of registrants and unintended consequences of registration policy. She convincingly demonstrates that the negative impact is specific to registration and particularly troubling given the lack of evidence to support this strategy.

I’ve provided a summary of the results from the FAQ column survey in which we asked members to provide feedback on what they would like to see in that regular piece. I’m happy to say that some of the topics suggested appear in this issue, such as Franca Cortoni’s piece on female offenders, Tom Leversee’s committee update on the Adolescent Guidelines, and our student article on hebephilia by Skye Stephens.

Hope you enjoy this issue of the Forum, and please send your submissions for the Summer issue (I just love writing that).

Heather M. Moulden
ATSA Forum Editor


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