Vol. XXVIII, No. 3
Summer 2016
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President's Message
by Michael Miner, ATSA President 2016-2017

Hello from Minnesota, where it has been an amazing spring day.  I hope that this finds everyone doing well.  In the months since my last column, there have been a lot of very exciting things that have happened and are being planned.  The spring Board meeting, which was held in May, was devoted to strategic planning and a Board self-assessment.  The Board adopted the priorities and strategies presented by the Strategic Planning Committee, headed by Robin Goldman, and including Karen Baker, Maia Christopher, Maaike Helmus, Chris Labonov-Restovsky, Kelly McGrath, and Becky Palmer.  Going forward, our priorities are to: strategically diversify and grow our membership; become the organization of choice to provide evidence based education, training, implementation strategies and resources to prevent sexual abuse perpetration; effectively and proactively engage policy makers; enhance our public education presence and impact; enhance our role in comprehensive prevention of sexual abuse; and diversify our sources of income.  As you can see, these are very ambitious priorities, and the ATSA staff, Board of Directors, and standing committees will be very busy operationalizing these priorities and associated strategies to move our organization forward.

Some of the above has already begun.  ATSA provided a declaration in support of the law suit in California challenging the International Megan’s Law, and our Executive Director, Maia Christopher, recently submitted an application for a grant from the SMART office, in conjunction with the Safer Society Foundation, the Center for Sex Offender Management, and Robert McGrath.  This is the first time that ATSA has applied for a competitive grant.  This grant will fund the implementation and evaluation of sex offender treatment guidelines in three States, and if we receive this funding, positions ATSA to promulgate and provide technical support for adoption and implementation of evidence-based practice.  It will also provide infrastructure to support additional projects and funding applications.

The above are exciting efforts.  The final priority adopted by the Board involves Board development.  As you are likely aware, the Board has been incrementally reorganizing so that Regional Representatives are phased out and new positions, such as the Adult Clinical Representative, Adolescent Clinical Representative, and International Representative have been implemented.  During the next three years, these position will continue to evolve, as their respective committees develop the goals and objectives necessary to implement our strategic plan.

This is an exciting time for ATSA and I would like to encourage all of you to participate.  The election is now open and this year, we are electing the President-Elect, Juvenile Clinical Practice Representative, Adult Clinical Practice Representative, and Student Representative.  Historically, only about 16 percent of our membership participates in elections and I would like that to change.  ATSA has difficult decisions to make, and if we are to achieve our priorities, we need to move forward together, with maximal participation from all of you.  So, please take the time to acquaint yourselves with the outstanding candidates for each of the offices and cast your vote.

Finally, Kelly, Maia, and the rest of the staff are working diligently to prepare for the conference this November in Orlando.  The conference committee has put together an excellent program that promises to have wide appeal.  Have a great summer and I hope to see you all in Orlando.

Michael Miner


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