Vol. XXVIII, No. 3
Summer 2016
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Awards Announcements
By Jill Levenson, PhD, LCSW

I know I have the best job on the ATSA Board – chairing the Awards Committee! What a pleasure it is to review nominations, observe all the impressive work being done in our field, and share with the winners the accolades they’ve received from their colleagues. I'm happy to report we had a great response to calls for nominations this year, with many strong and deserving nominees, but there were some clear standouts that the committee agreed upon.

Keith Kaufman

I am especially pleased to announce that our Lifetime Achievement Award winner this year is Keith Kaufman, who has taken on a prominent leadership role in ATSA for the past 20 years. Dr. Kaufman is a Professor of Psychology at Portland State University (PSU) and served as the Psychology Department’s chair for nearly 10 years. He received his doctoral degree from the University of South Florida in 1985 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Pediatric Psychology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Kaufman served on the ATSA board of Directors, and as President of the organization from 2002-2004. He currently chairs the prevention task force for ATSA. His leadership extends to the greater community, as he has served as a member of the Oregon Youth Authority’s Advisory Board and on the executive board of the National Alliance of Sexual Assault Coalitions. He is chair of the Prevention Subcommittee of the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force, and a member of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Prevention Subcommittee.

Dr. Kaufman has received millions of dollars in grant funding over the past 15 years from the National Institute of Mental Health, National Institute of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and the Centers for Disease Control. His research has focused on the prevention of child sexual abuse and enhancing the treatment of adult and juvenile sexual offenders. His work is well known and Dr. Kaufman has demonstrated his extensive leadership through his invaluable contributions to our body of research, to the training of clinicians and researchers, and mentoring of students.   Congratulations to Keith Kaufman for his lifetime achievements!

Leo Cotter

Our Distinguished Contribution winner this year is Leo Cotter, from Tampa Florida. Leo was a pioneer in the area of SOTX in Florida, and a founding board member of the FATSA chapter. He has taken a strong leadership role in the state, pushing the legislature to pass criteria for qualified sex offender treatment providers, advocating for revisions in our special conditions of probation several times, and maintaining a clinical practice that is known for its excellence. In the early days, he helped FATSA establish important alliances with the Department of Corrections and the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence (our victim advocacy agency), and often did trainings for allied professionals throughout the state. He served as FATSA president, sat on the FATSA board as a founding member for 20 years, and he often presented at Florida state conferences. At the national level, he co-chaired the ATSA conference in Atlanta, often presented at the national conference, co-authored several research studies, and is well-known in ATSA circles as an all-around nice guy.

Joan Tabachnick

The Gail Burns Smith award is designed to honor a clear leader connecting the fields of sex offender treatment/management and victim advocacy. The award is co-sponsored by ATSA and the National Resource Center for Sexual Violence. The awards committee was unanimous that Joan Tabachnick epitomizes the ability to bridge the gap between victim/survivor and offender groups, which is the essence and spirit of this award.   Joan is a long-standing ATSA member, former ATSA board member, co-chair of the Prevention Committee, and organizer of Massachusetts ATSA’s state conference. We are proud and delighted to honor her with this award.

We had several applications for the Fay Honey Knopp Scholarship, which provides the recipient with travel expenses and conference fees for ATSA's annual conference. The scholarship recipient this year will be Mina Ratkalker, a social worker who is currently pursuing a PhD in forensic psychology at Drexel University. We are thrilled to be able to offer the learning opportunities available at the ATSA conference to students entering the field.

I want to thank the outstanding Awards committee for their meticulous and diligent review of nearly a dozen very competitive nominations: Karen Baker, Art Gordon, Tony Beech, Bob McGrath, and Bill Murphy. I will be stepping down as chair in 2017 as I rotate off the ATSA Board of Directors, but will remain on the committee for another year to ensure a smooth transition for the new chair. Start thinking about next year’s nominations! We have so many deserving members among us.


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