Vol. XXVIII, No. 3
Summer 2016
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Are Juvenile Sexual Risk Assessment Instruments Adequate on Their Own to Assess Risk?
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A Theoretical Framework for Proscribing Pornography Viewing for Those With Sex Offense Convictions
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Sexual Deviance and General Criminality Factors Among Adolescent Sex Offenders
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3rd Annual ATSA Student Clinical Case and Data Blitz

Join us for the ATSA Clinical Case and Data Blitz held at the 2016 ATSA Conference on Thursday, November 3rd from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. 

Students will be presenting their research and clinical work in 5 minutes or less during the ATSA Clinical Case and Data Blitz. This year we have 15 presentations examining important issues related to the prevention, assessment, management, and treatment of people who have committed sexual offences.  Below is the schedule for the Data Blitz. See the conference brochure in July for information on how to register for the conference, and for the Data Blitz session.

Moderated by
           Chantal A. Hermann, Ph.D.
Skye Stephens, Ph.D. Candidate

Student Clinical Case and Data Blitz


Opening Remarks


Women who Engage in Abuse of Trust Sexual Behaviours With Young People in Their Care

    • Andrea J. Darling, Ph.D. Student, University of Durham (England)


    “So Why Did You Stop?” Explanations Provided by Online Users of Child Sexual Exploitation Material

    • Danielle Kettleborough, Ph.D. Student, University of Lincoln


    Judicial Decision Making and Juvenile Offenders: Influence of Medical Evidence and Victim Age

    • John Michael Falligant, M.S., Auburn University


    Can We Keep it Simple?  Using the BARR-2002R to Predict Violent Reoffending Among Sex Offenders in a Police Sample

    • Farron Wielinga, BA (Hons) Student, MacEwan University


    When Things Go Wrong: The Impact of Re-Offences or Recalls on Volunteers in Circles of Support and Accountability

    • Giulia Lowe, Ph.D. Student, University of Auckland


    Treatment Change: A Difference in Degree or Kind?

    • Jacinta Cording, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)


    Exploring the Relationship Between Personality Dysfunction, Pathological Personality Traits and Sexual Offences in Individuals who Have Previously Sexually Offended

    • Jackie Hamilton, Ph.D. Student, Nottingham Trent University


    Interdependent Group Contingencies to Decrease Disruptive Behaviour in Adolescent Group Therapy Populations

    • Kristen Brogan, M.S. Student, Auburn University


    Cognitive Impairments in High Risk Offenders

    • Laura Echevarria, M.Sc. Student, California State University


    An Evaluation of Australia's First Community Notification Scheme

    • Laura Whitting, D.Psych Student, Deakin University


    Paraphilic Interests, Early Childhood Experiences, and Adjustment in Emerging Adulthood: Associations and Risk Factors for Problematic Sexual Behaviours

    • Lauryn Vander Molen, Ph.D. Student, University of New Brunswick


    Victim-Perpetrator Relationship in Childhood Abuse: Impact on Outcome in Individuals who Engage in Sexual Misconduct Across Clinical and Non-Clinical Samples

    • Kelcey Hall, Ph.D. Student, East Tennessee State University


    Rehabilitating Ex-Sex Offenders In Treatment Through Job-Seeker Empowerment

    • Tanesha Meade, MSN Student, Towson University


    Examination of Clinician Attitudes Regarding Treatment of Individuals With Pedophilia 

    • Carisa Collins, Ph.D. Student, University of Ontario Institute of Technology


    Disparities Related to Vulnerability for Recruitment into Commercial Sexual Exploitation among Female Offender Minorities

    • Maite Silva, Psy.D. Student, Loyola University of Maryland


    Closing Remarks


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