Vol. XXVIII, No. 4
Fall 2016
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How can the Listserv be used for research?
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The reintegration of sex offenders into the community: Some observations from the front lines
Community Engagement and Partnership Working With Sex Offenders: Informing Debate and Sharing Good Practice
Jacob’s Memory and Hope: Patty Wetterling, a Mother’s Legacy
The Role of Human Caring and Compassion in Sex Offender Treatment
Students' Voice
Students Under Pressure: Improving Mental Health and Self Care
Can Researchers Measure Criminal History, Sexual Deviance, and Risk of Sexual Recidivism from Self-Report Information Alone?
Book Review
Sexual Predators: Society, Risk, and the Law
Adolescent Guidelines Review
Introducing Raliance – A New Prevention Initiative to End Sexual Violence in One Generation
2016 Award Winners
35th ATSA Conference
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Regular Features
Editor's Note
by Heather Moulden, Forum Editor

Heather Moulden, Forum Editor

The Forum Fall issue is filled with important updates and ATSA information, as well as practical and clinically rich discussion about working with individuals convicted of sexual violence. From the front lines we learn about some thoughtful suggestions for facilitating successful community reintegration. Similarly, the role of self-compassion and caring in working with our clients is highlighted as important not only for clinical recovery, but for clinical self-care and effective treatment delivery. Both pieces share practical suggestions and helpful references that can be directly applied to our clinical work.

Many of you have read regular updates from the Leverhulme Knowledge Exchange Network, which partnered with ATSA among other organizations and institutions to share knowledge and practice on sexual offender community reintegration. You have read a number of the online debates and updates, associated with this network here in the Forum, and in this issue we bring you the final report on the grant activities, products, and plans from Kieran McCartan.

Our FAQ column provides ATSA members with specific guidance around the use of the Listserv for research. The column was submitted last year by Dr. Marnie Rice shortly before she passed away, and fortunately for us, the research committee worked to update the information for publication in this issue. Unlike our previous columns which have tended to focus on clinical issues, this piece provides very practical information that is frequently requested.

The student contribution to this issue of the Forum summarizes useful work investigating the reliability of self-report information in the scoring of often used risk measures. So often file information is missing or inaccurate, and evidence that self-report can be a reliable source of information is helpful for research purposes.

The prevention committee and student committee both had exciting news to share with ATSA members. In their article on Raliance, the prevention committee introduced us to a network of organizations that have joined in the prevention of sexual violence. Raliance has awarded a number of grants and will continue to prioritize funds for perpetration prevention. The student committee also shared an exciting new opportunity with student members at the conference this year. Students and young professionals are invited to meet with students and established members about mental health and self-care. A wonderful opportunity to access support, reflect on professional practice and develop good habits for years to come.

As always, I look forward to reading your articles and I am happy to work with you on developing ideas for a Forum piece. 

See you in Florida!

Heather M. Moulden
ATSA Forum Editor


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