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Fall 2018
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Is there such thing as “sexual harm” or is it always Abuse or Trauma?
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Moving beyond the “sex offender” dialogue:
How ATSA members can promote person-first language
Pros and Cons of Manualized Approaches to Sexual Abuse Specific Treatment:
Experiences of Programs in Kansas & Oregon
The Clinical Practice Corner: Juvenile Practice
The ATSA Adult Clinical Practice Committee
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The ATSA Student Experience:
A Personal Anecdote on Attending the Conference and Joining the Student Committee
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Two by Jeglic and Calkins
The Safer Society
Handbook of Assessment and Treatment of Adolescents Who Have Sexually Offended
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2018 ATSA Awards

In recognition of those who have made significant contributions to our mission of managing individuals who sexually offend and to the prevention of sexual violence through research and treatment, the ATSA Board of Directors will announce the recipients of this year’s awards. in addition, ATSA’s Board of Directors will announce the recipient of the Graduate Student Research award and Research Grant selected from submissions by graduate students who have completed research focusing on either sex offenders or sexual abuse victims.

Join us for the award presentations at the 2018 ATSA Conference on Thursday October 18 and Friday, October 19, 8:30 am – 9:00 am in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Lifetime Significant Achievement Award
Michael C. Seto, PhD, CPsych

Dr. Michael C. Seto's applied and theoretical contributions directly influence what we understand about the onset of sexual offending, primary prevention and the deterrence of sexual offending as well as persistence in offending, risk assessment, online offenders and child sexual abuse imagery. encouraging growth and debate, Dr. Seto’s openness and willingness for critical analysis of his own work and of others’, his sharing of research through multi-media avenues, and his mentoring and support of students gives much credit to broadening our field and is vital to encouraging growth and debate within the field. His work has directly influenced, and will continue to, how we assess and engage in treatment with individuals who have committed sexual offenses, how we work with their families and victims, and how we can best protect our communities. With over 10,000 citations of over 80 articles, two solo authored books, 28 chapters, and hundreds of presentations, Dr. Seto’s prolific and accomplished research record will continue his effect on our field for years to come.


Gail Burns-Smith Award
Joann Schladale, MS

Joann Schladale is the founder and executive Director of Resources for Resolving Violence, a mental health agency that provides in-home, trauma-informed services. She facilitates trainings for therapists, law enforcement officers, advocates and other professionals on topics including intra-familial sex offenders and youth with sexual behavior problems.

For over 30 years, Joann has been transforming the lives of victims, perpetrators, family members and professionals with innovative strategies and compassion within the fields of sexual and domestic violence. Often referred to as a guiding light in the career of professionals she has given trainings to, Joann Schladale’s trainings have shaped trauma informed and restorative approaches and processes, providing empowerment and a renewed passionate about the work we do.


Student Research Awards & Grants


Graduate Research Award
Sarah Paquette, PhD Candidate
The Development and Validation of the Cognitions of Internet Sexual Offending (C-ISO) Scale



Pre-Doctoral Research Grant
Rebecca L. Dillard, MSW
Maltreatment, Emotional Responses to Abuse, and Trauma Among Adolescents Engaging in Sexual or Non-Sexual Delinquency


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