Volume XXXI, Issue 1
Winter 2018-2019
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Lovemaps Revisited
A Survey Exploring Professionals Working with Sexual Offenders
Book Reviews
Passport to Independence: A Good Lives Workbook
The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience
Pedophilia: Theory, Assessment, and Intervention, Second Edition
New from Safer Society Press
Students' Voice
Differences in Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence Who Sexually Assault
What is trauma-informed care and why should we use it in sex-offending programs?
Juvenile Clinical Practice
Chapter Engagement and Support
Introducing the 2019 Board of Directors
Call for abstracts for 2019 conference
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2018 Legislative Report
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Heather M. Moulden, Ph.D.
Forensic Program
St. Joseph's Healthcare
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Regular Features
Editor's Note
By Heather Moulden, Forum Editor

Heather Moulden, Forum EditorBy all accounts the Vancouver conference was a hit! Thanks to all the presenters and attendees who make the conference such an enriching professional experience. Remember, not all of our members are able to attend the conference each year, so I’d like to remind presenters to consider sharing their work in The Forum. Please email me for more details. Also, please join me in welcoming Ann Snyder to her new role as Production Editor for The Forum.

As usual we have a number of standing columns including the FAQ, committee updates, our student voice, and book reviews. In this issue Jill Levenson answers our FAQ about the use of trauma-informed care and its role in treatment programs. Steven Sawyer updates us on the chapter engagement and support committee, and in the student column we learn about Martina Faitakis’s research on sexual abuse in the context of intimate partner violence. As usual David Prescott delivers quality book reviews that direct ATSA members to new resources to help us keep abreast of advances in the area for professional development and service. Specifically, this issue reviews three books – Pedophilia: Theory, Assessment, and Intervention, 2nd ed. by Michael C. Seto; The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience edited by Anthony R. Beech, Adam J. Carter, Ruth E. Mann, and Pia Rothstein; and Passport to Independence: A Good Lives Workbook by Peel Behavioural Services with Robin J. Wilson. Finally, the inaugural Clinical Corner column makes its debut. In the last issue the juvenile and adult clinical committees introduced this column as a way to connect and inform ATSA members about the committees as well as clinical application and implications for practice. Phil Rich takes the lead on this first piece and gives us more information on his committee and resources for members working with juveniles and their families.

This issue includes two feature articles. The first, authored by Gerry Blasingame, revisits John Money’s concept of the Lovemap. In this practical and informative article, readers are provided with a brief review of the concept, and then an analysis of a recent article in which the Lovemap is applied to contemporary work on juveniles who have offended. This commentary provides a helpful way of linking older concepts with contemporary theory and practice and may prove interesting and relevant for many clinicians. Our second feature by Loïc Welch summarizes research he conducted as part of his graduate degree. Using data collected from practitioners, this study examined professional factors and their influence on practice with respect to juveniles who had committed a sexual offence.  

Hope you enjoy this issue; and as always, please send me your comments, feedback, ideas, and articles.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2019!

Heather M. Moulden

ATSA Forum Editor


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