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Editor's note
President's message
Desistance from sexual offending
Your attention, please: Intimate partner sexual violence
A call for informed decision making in risk assessment
U.S. Army implements policy change thanks to ATSA
What are the RNR principles?
Perceptions on RNR
The Rehabilitation of Sexual Offenders: Complexity, Risk and Desistance
Healing from Sexual Violence: The Case for Vicarious Restorative Justice
An exciting new change proposed for ATSA membership categories
Juvenile Practice Committee activities
New online resources available
The importance of "honoring our own" doing this necessary work
It's time to submit your application to become an ATSA Fellow
Forum Newsletter Editorial Board seeks members
Welcome ATSA's newest members
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Editor's note
by Heather Moulden, Ph.D., C. Psych., Forum Editor

Welcome to the summer 2019 issue of the Forum. This edition includes some thought-provoking feature articles about our practice in addition to the usual columns from our students and clinical committees, as well as committee updates, book reviews, and the FAQ piece addressing the question, “What are the RNR Principles?”. The Forum is also a great way for ATSA to communicate with its members, and you will find information about the conference, office news, and legislative updates. In this issue we are also reaching out to the membership to invite interested individuals to participate in the Forum newsletter more directly. At our recent spring meeting, the board members were supportive of the idea of establishing an editorial board for both the Forum and Blog. Here at the Forum, we have recently invited additional book reviewers to join the team and you’ll see some of their work in this issue. If you are interested, please read on to learn more about the role, and contact either ATSA Executive Director Maia Christopher or me if you have questions. 

In this issue Risk-Needs-Responsivity Principles get some long-overdue attention. The student piece by Natasha Maltais reveals our ongoing struggles with the interpretation and application of these principles to our practice. Thankfully, her co-author and RNR expert, Sandy Jung, addresses this in the FAQ column. Sandy also includes direction to some key readings to help us all brush up on these integral elements of our work, and you can watch the ATSA website for information on her video seminar on this topic.

Our feature articles address an array of topics that introduce new ideas, challenge us to think about how we conceptualize the nature of sexual abuse, relapse, or success, and critically appraise our clinical decision making. First, in this second segment, Diana Groener addresses sexual abuse in the context of intimate partner violence (read Diana’s first article in Volume XXX, No. 3 - Summer 2018). She helps describe the concept, reviews the limited literature available, and calls on ATSA to turn our clinical and research attention to this specific context for sexual violence.

In our second feature, Danielle Harris shares her work on desistence from sexual abuse. In her clear and concise article she distills a whole book worth of information into the main three mechanisms of desistence. Not only is this important from a recovery perspective for us as clinicians guiding clients to this ultimate goal, but philosophically it is imperative for us, and those we work with indirectly (e.g., police, lawyers, victims, correctional officers), to know and think about sexual abuse from this perspective as well.

Finally, Sharon Kelley summarizes her work on decision making with respect to risk assessment. In this practical article we read about the rationale for a more critical analysis of our practice. Sharon provides helpful guidance about how to review and refine this practice to put us in a better position, for the sake of our clients, as well as the quality of our work.

Our ATSA committees are busy as ever and included some updates for members in this issue. The Membership Committee would like to remind you to nominate eligible colleagues for the ATSA Fellow designation. You will find the criteria and nomination process in this issue, which includes an earlier deadline. Also, this issue includes information about the ATSA awards available for nomination and we are all encouraged to consider recognizing our colleagues for the impactful work they do.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Forum. As always, I look forward to reading your articles and I am happy to work with you on developing ideas for a Forum piece. 

Enjoy your summer.

Heather M. Moulden
ATSA Forum Editor




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