Vol. XXXI, Issue 4
Fall 2019
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Editor's column
Presidentís message
International Committee update
What's happening in Italy?
Registration and disclosure: Lessons learned or same old song and dance?
International members survey 2018 part 1: Practitioner knowledge, training and experience
International members survey 2018 part 2: Practitioners attitudes to and understandings of community integration
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): Exploring a new avenue for sex offender treatment
Incel inside: Understanding involuntary celibates through dating app experiences
International Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders
Learning Difficulties and Sexual Vulnerability: A Social Approach
ATSA Board of Directors election results
Journal updates for membership
Forum Newsletter Editorial Board
New Membership Coordinator message
Welcome ATSA's newest members
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Forum Editor
Contact the editor or submit articles to:

Heather M. Moulden, Ph.D.
Forensic Program
St. Joseph's Healthcare
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
E: hmoulden@stjoes.ca
P: (905) 522-1155 ext. 35539
Forum Newsletter Editorial Board

Mission and mandate  

The Forum Newsletter is a quarterly online publication for ATSA members to communicate about clinical practice, research synopsis/translation, member perspectives, and practical resources to support readers in the prevention of sexual abuse. The Forum is also a source of relevant ATSA organizational updates, such as conference planning and legislative information. The Forum is where new members are introduced, and awards are announced (after the conference), and it is intended to support ATSA members in their practice by providing relevant and current information through feature articles, the FAQ column, and book reviews. 

Chief Editor

  • The Chief Editor position is an ATSA member in good standing appointed by the Executive Board of Directors of ATSA for a term of 5 years. The role of the Chief Editor is to manage and maintain an editorial committee with the goal of ensuring quality content, maximizing the relevance and reach of the publication, and supporting ATSA’s strategic goals. The Chief Editor aims to broaden the audience and elevate the discussion of sexual abuse practice, research, policy, and prevention.

Editorial Committee Members

    • Editorial Committee members are appointed to terms of 3 years, with an option to renew terms.
    • Editorial Committee Member duties include:
      • Preparing content or soliciting submissions for each quarterly issue including (but not limited to) ATSA committees, the ATSA membership, and ATSA’s partners;
      • Reviewing submissions quarterly as assigned by the Chief Editor; and
      • Working with the Chief Editor on content, format, and reach of publication.

    Book Reviews

      • The Book Review Editor is an ATSA member in good standing and a member of the Forum editorial team. They are responsible for reviewing material in an objective and meaningful way that is informative to the study, practice, and prevention of sexual abuse and related fields. The goal of book reviews in the Forum is to provide a critical analysis of works deemed relevant and of interest to ATSA membership by summarizing content, identifying target audiences, and critiquing strengths and weaknesses.
      • Book reviewers’ duties include:
        • Reviewing a minimum of 2-3 books per year;
        • Acknowledging book review requests and working with Book Review Editor on agreed upon timelines; and
        • Completing objective reviews of scholarly material for ATSA membership and preparing documents for publication in the Forum.

      Please contact Heather Moulden, Forum Chief Editor, or Maia Christopher, ATSA Executive Director, for more information or if you would like to join the Forum team.

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