Vol. XXXII, Issue 2
Spring 2020
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Editor's column
President’s message
ATSA Public Policy Committee Update
Secondary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: A New Perspective
Simply Said Means Simply Read, Right?
From Hearing to Honoring: Building on Dr. Guidry’s 2019 Keynote Address
Victim Choice Polymorphism and Risk in Juveniles Who Sexually Offend
The Most Hated Man in America:
Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment
Becoming A Kink Aware Therapist
Call for ATSA Board Nominations
Thank you to ATSA's Student Sponsors
Welcome ATSA's newest members
U.S State Legislation Enacted During 2019
Conferences in the time of Coronavirus
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Editor's column
Heather M. Moulden

Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue of the Forum. This issue is full of stimulating and thoughtful pieces to expand our knowledge and practice. Ainslie Heasman shares her work and expertise regarding the ethical landscape of working with non-justice involved people with pedophilia. This is an area in which we are increasingly being called upon to assist, but also may find murky and challenging to navigate as clinicians. Gerry Blasingame shines a light on responsivity, and challenges us to consider and respond to the literacy needs of our clients. Many of us know that our clients present with a wide range of abilities, but that the same spectrum of service and resources is not always available. Thanks to Gerry for providing some guidance on how to bridge the gap for our clients. Our final feature article is an interview by Ryan Panaro with Laurie Guidry following her keynote at the 2019 MATSA (Massachusetts Chapter) conference. In this insightful piece, Laurie shares her experience as both survivor and professional, and the “transformative potential” of sharing one’s journey.

The student voice by Miho Tatsuki summarizes her important work on victim polymorphism among juveniles who have sexually offended. Her results suggest interesting clues about the value added to risk assessment when we explore polymorphism for this group. The committee update come from Katie Gotch and Seth Wescott on behalf of the Public Policy Committee. Its always so informative to see all the hard work happening behind the scenes with the ATSA committees and the PPC is no exception. In this update we get a sneak preview into their work on registration and notification policy and the recommendations to follow. Finally, this issue brings you two book reviews from David Prescott and Becky Palmer. David takes a look at the Sandusky case through a unique lens and guides us to the relevant information and perspectives we can garner from the author’s point of view. Becky shares a useful addition to our toolkit as it relates to sexual diversity and our role in the promotion of safe and healthy sexuality.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Forum. As always, I look forward to reading your submissions and I am happy to work with you on developing ideas for a Forum piece.


Heather M. Moulden 

ATSA Forum Editor

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