Vol. XXIII, Issue 1
Winter 2020-2021
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Editor's column
Presidentís message
ATSAís Emerging Conversations on Race, Power and Privilege
The Registration & Community Notification of Individuals Convicted of a Sexual Crime: Recommendations for Evidence-Based Reform
The History of Static-99 and the Value of Research-Practitioner Collaboration
Where Did Clinical Judgment Go in Conducting Evaluation and Treatment Planning? An Essay
Welcome to the ATSA Forum Research Corner
Adult Clinical Committee
International Committee
Juvenile Practice Committee
A Compelling Idea: How We Become the Persons We Are
The Feminist and the Sex Offender: Confronting Sexual Harm, Ending State Violence
Christine Agee, Ph.D. of Alabama
Welcome Editorial Board Members
Legislation Passed During 2020
The 2021 ATSA Conference
Welcome ATSA's newest members
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Forum Editor
ATSA Forum Editor:
Sharon Kelley, Psy.D.

Managing Editor:
Tegan Waring, B.A.

Editoral Board Members:
Katherine Gotch, M.A., LPC
Deirdre M. D'Orazio, Ph.D.
Rosaura Cruz, Ph.D.

Associate Editor of Research Corner:
Ian McPhail, Ph.D.

Review Editor:
Becky Palmer, M.S.

Book Reviewers:
Shoshanna Must, Ph.D.
Robert Parham, M.A.
Jim Reynolds, Ph.D.
Tracy Tholin, LCPC, LSOTP

Contact the editor or submit articles to:

Sharon Kelley, Psy.D.
Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center
Madison, WI, United States
E: sharonmkelley@gmail.com
P: 608-301-1478
Editor's column
Sharon M. Kelley, PsyD

I am honored to take on the role as the Editor of the ATSA Forum Newsletter. I am further humbled by those who have held this position before me. Heather Moulden is a difficult act to follow, and I will work hard to replicate the consistently polished look of the editions she reliably produced. Upon taking over the Forum back in December 2015, Heather immediately brought a fresh look to the Forum. Under her term, the Forum included a variety of relevant feature articles. Just a snapshot of these featured articles includes topics on the self-regulation model, protective factors, trauma, risk management, prevention, public perceptions, burnout, community engagement and participation, pornography, and juveniles. In the Summer 2015, she conducted a survey to assess the interests of the Forum readers and worked to increase articles that involved those identified interests of the membership. Most recently, she created an editorial board, which is when I became involved in the Forum in the Fall 2019. I am very thankful for what Heather has done and for continuing to be a support to me during this transition.

I am actually the eighth Forum Editor in the history of the newsletter. Those who came before me also include Steven Mussack, Gary Horton, Theo Seghorn, Michael Minor, David Prescott, and Robin Wilson. I found one of David’s previous editor columns, which provides an interesting history of the Forum as well as a wonderfully young picture of him:


Some things never change; we are still looking for ATSA members to submit feature articles to the Forum!

Similar to those before me, I have spent the past two months thinking about how I can further advance the Forum and its appeal to the ATSA membership. So far, I have decided to expand the Forum board. Please take the time to read about each of the Forum contributors by clicking on the "Welcome Editorial Board Members" under ATSA News. There will continue to be three editorial board members. Rosaura Cruz has been selected to take the vacancy I left in assuming the editor position. David Prescott has decided to resign from his position as the Review Editor. He held this position for years and verbalized needing more time for other projects. Thank you, David, for all of your contributions! I am pleased to announce Becky Palmer has agreed to become the new Review Editor. We learned that many people were interested in being book reviewers. Becky and I selected four new book reviewers so the work can be rotated: Shoshanna Must, Robert Parham, Jim Reynolds, and Tracy Tholin.

The Forum will have two new features. First, I have added a Research Corner and asked Ian McPhail to assume the role of Associate Editor in charge of this section. The Research Corner will feature articles written by Ian and other researchers, which provide an easily understood summary of relevant research and how it is important or should be considered in clinical practice. I have also added an ATSA Member Highlight section. For each edition of the Forum, a randomly selected ATSA member will be featured in this section. ATSA members can be selected from any country, region, territory, or state. If you get an email from me asking for your participation, please consider doing so! For my first edition of the Forum, I thought I would start at the top of the ATSA members list: the first A name listed in Alabama. This happens to be Dr. Christine Agee.

For the Winter 2020 edition of the Forum, I would like to draw your attention to four featured articles. The first, written by ATSA Public Policy Committee members Seth Wescott, Christopher Lobanov-Rostovsky, and Katherine Gotch, describes the empirical basis and recommendations ATSA is now offering for evidence-based “sex offender” registration reforms. This is an important and worthy read, and I expect it to be cited in future publications. An equally important article is written by ATSA Prevention Committee members Joan Tabachnick and Jannine Hébert. This article entitled, “ATSA’s Emerging Conversations on Race, Power and Privilege,” summarizes the virtual conversation amongst ATSA members during the lunch hour on the second day of the ATSA conference. By reviewing the contributions and feedback made during this virtual conversation, several next steps are highlighted to expand the conversation on race, power, and privilege in our work. The third feature article, written by Yolanda Fernandez, documents the historical timeline of the STATIC family of instruments and ends with a teaser for more things to come. Our final featured article is written by Mark Carcich and Jessie Huebner: “Where Did Clinical Judgment Go in Evaluation and Treatment Planning?  An Essay.” In this article, the authors address their previous article in the Fall 2020 edition of the ATSA Forum and the subsequent commentary it received on the ATSA-listserv. For readers who may have missed this online discussion, there was a spirited debate regarding the utility of using empirical clinical judgment versus formal dynamic risk tools within risk assessment.

In addition to our featured articles, Ian’s Research Corner, book reviews, and ATSA Member Highlight section, make sure to read the other sections as well. The ATSA Adult Clinical Practice and Juvenile Practice Committees provide nice summaries of some of the presentations from the recent ATSA conference. Kieran McCarten provides an update on behalf of the International Committee. Ann Snyder provides a final summary of legislation passed during 2020.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Forum, and please consider contributing by submitting an article. Feel free to contact me for further information or guidance.

Happy holidays,

Sharon M. Kelley, Psy.D.

ATSA Forum Editor

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