Vol. XXIII, Issue 2
Spring 2021
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Editor's column
President’s message
Writing Well: The Case for First Person Active
Assessment of Nine Dimensions of Group Functioning
When Civil Commitment of Individuals Convicted of Sexual Offenses Occurs, Evidence Informed Best Practices Must be Applied
Talking Tech, Teens, and Sex: Rewiring Our Approach
“Hurt People Hurt Other People”: How is the field responding?
Experiences of the Family Members of Individuals with Histories of Sexual Offences: A Content Analysis
The Importance of my ATSA Membership
Juvenile Practice Committee Report
The ATSA Education and Training Committee
Research Committee Update and Call for Membership Applications
The Student Committee
Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know
Sexual Crime and Trauma
Nimrod Shanee, PhD, of Tel-Aviv, Israel
Call for ATSA Board Nominations
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ATSA Forum Editor:
Sharon Kelley, Psy.D.

Managing Editor:
Tegan Waring, B.A.

Editoral Board Members:
Katherine Gotch, M.A., LPC
Deirdre M. D'Orazio, Ph.D.
Rosaura Cruz, Ph.D.

Associate Editor of Research Corner:
Ian McPhail, Ph.D.

Review Editor:
Becky Palmer, M.S.

Book Reviewers:
Shoshanna Must, Ph.D.
Robert Parham, M.A.
Jim Reynolds, Ph.D.
Tracy Tholin, LCPC, LSOTP

Contact the editor or submit articles to:

Sharon Kelley, Psy.D.
Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center
Madison, WI, United States
E: sharonmkelley@gmail.com
P: 608-301-1478
Editor's column
Sharon M. Kelley, PsyD

Welcome to warming temperatures, the promise of mass vaccinations and herd immunity, and the first edition of the Forum in 2021! The Forum Editorial Board has finalized new submission guidelines to the Forum, which can be found HERE. This should help clarify many of the questions prospective authors have as well as deadline dates. Moving forward, we ask that authors follow these guidelines when submitting articles.

For this Spring edition, we have four featured articles. The first, written by Alex Rodrigues, provides helpful guidance for therapists, parents, and other caregivers who are interested in effective interventions to mitigate risk for adolescents’ online usage. The second article is written by Steven Sawyer who describes ways to assess the therapy group functioning as well as intervention strategies to strengthen the group. The third article is written by Richard Elwood who makes a cogent argument for using the first-person active tense when writing assessments and treatment notes. Our last featured article is written by Deirdre D’Orazio, Lauren Herbert, and Christopher Lobanov-Rostovsky. This article provides a summary of the ATSA public policy and position paper on civil commitment, which was a collaborative effort between the ATSA Public Policy Committee and the Sex Offender Civil Commitment Programs Network (SOCCPN).

In addition to our featured articles, please check out the Research Corner. Melissa Grady and Jill Levenson summarize their recent research on the extent to which therapists are informed of, and respond effectively, to trauma in their clients. Melissa and Jill also provide ways clinicians can start using the implications of their research into clinical practice.

In the ATSA Member Highlight section, we meet Nimrod Shanee who lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Not only is Nimrod accomplished professionally, but he is a talented musician. In this section, he provides a thoughtful synopsis of the climate, diversity, and culture of Tel-Aviv. This is worth reading.

Take a moment to read the committee updates. Jeffrey Sandler humorously provides updates in his Research Committee report (I laughed out loud). The Juvenile Practice Committee provides a description of their 90-minute, monthly JUMPP events. In the Membership Committee report, Bradley Johnson reflects on his own experience as an ATSA member and provides a summary of the new ATSA membership categories. The Student Committee section features a summary of a research project conducted by Katie Cassidy, who was the recipient of the Grant Harris Poster award from ATSA this year. Her research targets a largely understudied area of sexual abuse. That is, the effect on the non-offending family members of alleged perpetrators of sexual offenses.

Several of the committees are actively advertising for new members. This includes the Research Committee (see their advertisement within the committee report), the Education and Training Committee, and the Student Committee. The last two have separate advertisements in the committee section.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Forum, and please consider contributing by submitting an article. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Sharon M. Kelley, Psy.D.

ATSA Forum Editor

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