Vol. 34, Issue 3
Summer 2022
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Farewell Letter to Maia
Editor's Column
ATSA Presidentís Column
Alcohol, Consent Education, and Sexual Violence on College Campuses: Opportunities for Prevention?
Bestiality and its Relevance in Psychosexual Evaluations
Treating Anxious Teens in an Anxious World
Examining the Dark Sides of Psychedelic Therapy
How to Treat Youths who have Committed Sexual Offenses
Child and Adolescent Committee
Membership Committee
Membership Coordinator for ATSA
Cybersex Unplugged: Finding Sexual Health in an Electronic World
Weston Edwards, David Delmonico,and Elizabeth Griffin
2011 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 212 pages
ISBN-13:978-1453626450 $22.95 via Amazon (paperback)
The Correctional Helicopter: How and Why Correctional Agencies Fail to Rehabilitate Offenders
Richard J. Parker, Ph.D.
2022 Tellwell Talent 266 pages
ISBN-13 978-0228873235 Hardcover: $21.38 (Amazon)
Gregg Belle, Ph.D. of Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
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Membership Coordinator for ATSA

May 31st 2022


About the Organization

The Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse (ATSA) is an international, nonprofit, multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to making society safer by preventing sexual abuse. ATSA promotes sound research, effective evidence-based practice, informed public policy, and collaborative community strategies that lead to the effective assessment, treatment, and management of individuals who have sexually abused or are at risk to abuse.

ATSA's membership consists of approximately 3000 professionals including: treatment providers, researchers and educators, victims' rights advocates, law enforcement and court officials, and representatives of many other stakeholder groups. The core values that guide ATSA are professional excellence, prevention of sexual abuse, collaboration with different organizations, and advocacy for the prevention and treatment of individuals who sexual abuse. ATSA promotes the philosophy that empirically based assessment, practice, management, and policies?enhance community safety, reduce sexual recidivism, protect victims and vulnerable populations, transform the lives of those caught in the web of sexual violence, and illuminate paths to prevent sexual abuse.


Position Summary

Report: Associate Director

FLSA Status: 1 Year Contract Full Time open for automatic renewal for one year

Travel: Several times a year

Salary: $25 -$28 per hour depending on experience

Benefits: Medical/Dental insurance, PTO, SEP (after first year)

Place of Work (primarily remotely): Travel to the Beaverton, Oregon office will be necessary with scheduled visits to the office to be determined based on the applicant’s location

Application closes June 16th 2022

The Membership Coordinator plays a key role in developing and communicating the value of ATSA membership to potential and current members.  As such, key duties revolve around:  recruiting, engaging, and retaining ATSA members, supporting ATSA Chapter development and maintenance, processing membership records, tracking and maintaining membership records, data and database management, production of key membership communications, monitoring the growth and change of the ATSA membership, generating reports to update ATSA’s Executive Board and membership, and coordinating with design and printing professionals to prepare membership media materials. This position is central to making members feel welcome and plays a key role in building and conveying the value of membership with ATSA.  


Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Provide a high level of service to foster strong membership ties and serve as the primary contact for all membership inquiries.

  •  Develop and execute successful strategies to recruit and orient new members; evaluate and report on the effectiveness of all membership and communications efforts;

  •  Work closely with members of the Executive Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and ATSA staff to communicate the benefits of membership and lead the implementation of email and other marketing efforts to members and potential members;

  •  Participate on the Membership Committee led by the ATAS Membership Chair with an international committee;

  •  Support ATSA Chapters to include chapter development and maintenance;

  •  Manage the membership application process, including determining member category and allocation of membership fees, ensuring member renewals; and upgrading current members’ status;

  •  Coordinate the annual membership appeals and renewals, including preparing and distributing letters/packets and mailing lists;

  •  Collect, analyze, and report membership trends to ATSA staff and the Executive Board of Directors;

  •  Maintain an accurate and complete member data information system;

  •  Assist members of the ATSA Board of Directors and ATSA staff to better understand market size, awareness of ATSA, and prospective member needs;

  •  Assist with communication to members to drive attendance at ATSA conferences and events;

  •  Assist with the development of strategies to increase member’s use of the ATSA website and online resources;

  •  Work with ATSA staff and designers to prepare organizational marketing materials that reflect the depth, reach and impact of ATSA;

  •  Aiding in the development and marketing of fund development campaigns from within the ATSA membership and with external partners.

  •  Process donations including acknowledgment of gifts;

  •  Aid in event registration and lead membership recruitment during events;

  •  Travel out of town to attend the ATSA conferences (national and state conferences) and related events;

  •  Other duties as assigned.


Desired Skills and Experience:

  •  Proficient computer skills, including Word, Excel, Adobe Creative Suites, HTML, member database systems such as CiviCrm;

  •  Data entry and database management;

  •  Experience working in a membership organization (international organizations is exceptional);

  •  Ability to think strategically, anticipating future developments and planning accordingly; proactively identify issues and generate recommendations;

  •  Superior organizational skills and attention to detail; ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and balance competing priorities;

  •  Experience planning multi-step projects and reaching milestones on time without sacrificing accuracy and quality;

  •  Excellent written communications skills and ability to express self clearly to both expert and wider public audiences;

  •  Effective verbal communication skills;

  •  An ability to take initiative, demonstrate creativity, be personable and has a high level of professionalism;

  •  An interest and ability to learn new software independently and quickly;

  •  An ideal candidate will demonstrate comfort working independently, as well as part of a team;
    proactively collaborate with ATSA staff, ATSA members and other stakeholders on relevant projects.


To apply for this position, please send a substantive letter of interest and a current CV or resume to maia@atsa.com
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