Vol. 34, Issue 3
Summer 2022
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Farewell Letter to Maia
Editor's Column
ATSA Presidentís Column
Alcohol, Consent Education, and Sexual Violence on College Campuses: Opportunities for Prevention?
Bestiality and its Relevance in Psychosexual Evaluations
Treating Anxious Teens in an Anxious World
Examining the Dark Sides of Psychedelic Therapy
How to Treat Youths who have Committed Sexual Offenses
Child and Adolescent Committee
Membership Committee
Membership Coordinator for ATSA
Cybersex Unplugged: Finding Sexual Health in an Electronic World
Weston Edwards, David Delmonico,and Elizabeth Griffin
2011 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 212 pages
ISBN-13:978-1453626450 $22.95 via Amazon (paperback)
The Correctional Helicopter: How and Why Correctional Agencies Fail to Rehabilitate Offenders
Richard J. Parker, Ph.D.
2022 Tellwell Talent 266 pages
ISBN-13 978-0228873235 Hardcover: $21.38 (Amazon)
Gregg Belle, Ph.D. of Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
Welcome ATSA's newest members
2022 ATSA CONFERENCE: October 26 - 29
ATSA Fellow Applications Open
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Forum Editor
ATSA Forum Editor:
Sharon Kelley, Psy.D.

Managing Editor:
Tegan Waring, B.A.

Editoral Board Members:
Katherine Gotch, M.A., LPC
Deirdre M. D'Orazio, Ph.D.
Rosaura Cruz, Ph.D.

Associate Editor of Research Corner:
Ian McPhail, Ph.D.

Review Editor:
Becky Palmer, M.S.

Book Reviewers:
Shoshanna Must, Ph.D.
Robert Parham, M.A.
Jim Reynolds, Ph.D.
Tracy Tholin, LCPC, LSOTP

Contact the editor or submit articles to:

Sharon Kelley, Psy.D.
Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center
Madison, WI, United States
E: sharonmkelley@gmail.com
P: 608-301-1478
ATSA Fellow Applications Open


Being a Fellow in ATSA is an honorary designation that was created by the ATSA Membership Committee and the Executive Board to recognize ATSA members who have demonstrated allegiance to their profession and a strong commitment to the ongoing work of the Association.  A Fellow of ATSA goes “above and beyond” in regard to their dedication and contribution to ATSA.  The ATSA Fellow designation is an enhancement to their professional credentials and is recognized by their colleagues in ATSA as a member of a select group, comprised currently of about 5% of ATSA membership.

Fellow applications require review and approval by the ATSA Membership Committee and Executive Board.  All newly appointed Fellows will be publicly recognized in the ATSA Forum and virtually at the 2022 ATSA Conference. Fellows receive a Fellow certificate that they can display with pride in their office and can use the initials ATSAF after their professional name to indicate ATSA Fellow status.

Submission Deadlines

Self-submissions or nominations from other ATSA members will be taken at any time and should be submitted to the ATSA office, but there is a deadline of September 12th to be included in this year's public recognition at the Annual Membership Meeting at the ATSA conference. To nominate a colleague for Fellow status, complete the ONLINE APPLICATION and arrange for 2 letters of reference to be emailed to membership@atsa.com.

Self-submissions or nominations from other ATSA members should be submitted to the ATSA office no later than September 12, 2022.

What are the requirements to become an ATSA Fellow?

  1. Not less than seven consecutive years as an ATSA Clinical, ATSA Member or previous Clinical Associate, Research Associate. (Years spent as current Associate and Student Members, or the previous Affiliate Member, do not count toward the ATSA Fellow.)

  2. Two letters supporting your submission or nomination must be received from current members of ATSA describing your dedication and strong commitment to ATSA, and why you should become a member of this select group.  Letters should explain how the applicant rises to the level of Fellow, distinguishing them from a routine member of ATSA.  Letters should not be requested from individuals who you directly supervise.

  3. The ATSA member should be outstanding in their field and have made significant contributions to ATSA as demonstrated by completing at least four (4) requirements from the following list while a member of ATSA:
  • Involvement in ATSA by serving on an ATSA organization committee or board
  • Involvement in ATSA by serving in a local chapter leadership role or committee
  • Organization of or major participation in an organized activity of ATSA or your local chapter
  • Give a professional presentation (paper presentation, poster session, workshop or symposium) at an ATSA Annual Conference
  • Give a professional presentation at a local chapter conference
  • Publish a scientific or scholarly article in the ATSA journal (Sexual Abuse)
  • Publish a scientific or scholarly article in the ATSA Forum
  • Serve as an editor, associate editor or on the editorial board of the ATSA journal (Sexual Abuse) or have reviewed at least ten (10) submissions to the journal
  • Publish an article on sexual offense assessment, treatment or prevention in a peer reviewed professional journal other than the ATSA journal (Sexual Abuse)
  • Participate in furthering ATSA’s contribution to public policy for the prevention of sexual abuse by aiding with the creation of a legislative or court response or press release
  • Participate as a mentor to a less experienced ATSA member as part of the ATSA Mentoring Program for at least one year
  • Other major contribution to ATSA or local chapter that is approved by the membership committee
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