Vol. 34, Issue 3
Summer 2022
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Alcohol, Consent Education, and Sexual Violence on College Campuses: Opportunities for Prevention?
Bestiality and its Relevance in Psychosexual Evaluations
Treating Anxious Teens in an Anxious World
Examining the Dark Sides of Psychedelic Therapy
How to Treat Youths who have Committed Sexual Offenses
Child and Adolescent Committee
Membership Committee
Membership Coordinator for ATSA
Cybersex Unplugged: Finding Sexual Health in an Electronic World
Weston Edwards, David Delmonico,and Elizabeth Griffin
2011 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 212 pages
ISBN-13:978-1453626450 $22.95 via Amazon (paperback)
The Correctional Helicopter: How and Why Correctional Agencies Fail to Rehabilitate Offenders
Richard J. Parker, Ph.D.
2022 Tellwell Talent 266 pages
ISBN-13 978-0228873235 Hardcover: $21.38 (Amazon)
Gregg Belle, Ph.D. of Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
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Membership Committee
by Amber Butt, LAC

The Membership Committee started the ATSA Fellow in 2015 as a way to honor ATSA members who have demonstrated allegiance to their profession and a strong commitment to the ongoing work of the Association.  A Fellow of ATSA goes “above and beyond” in regard to their dedication and contribution to ATSA.  The ATSA Fellow designation is an enhancement to their professional credentials and is recognized by their colleagues in ATSA as a member of a select group, currently comprising approximately 5% of ATSA membership.

At this time, the Membership Committee has chosen to begin spotlighting a few of the ATSA Fellows in each of the Forum editions as a way of honoring them as members and people who have contributed to our field. Below are the first two individuals selected to spotlight.

Dr. Liam Marshall - ATSA Fellow 2016

Dr. Liam Marshall has been a longstanding ATSA member. He has given more than 40 presentations at ATSA Annual Conferences including 3 preconference workshops. He has delivered one-day workshops for New Jersey, Arizona, and Virginia chapters of ATSA, and keynote addresses for state chapters of ATSA including MnATSA (2011, 2016) and MARATSA (2016). Dr. Marshall has extensive published works including, but not limited to, many articles in the SAJRT and numerous published articles on sexual offense assessment and treatment in other (non-SAJRT) peer-reviewed professional journals. Additionally, he has reviewed more than 30 articles for SAJRT. Dr. Marshall has served on the ATSA Membership Committee and contributed to discussions held in a number of other committees. Of all his works, Dr. Marshall may be best known for being the founding lead singer and guitarist of AUDIO-philia, the ATSA house band. Thank you, Liam, for all of your scholarly and musical contributions to the organization!

Joan Tabachnick, MBA - ATSA Fellow 2015

Joan Tabachnick has served for two terms on the ATSA board. She has co-chaired the Strategic Planning Committee and was the co-founder of the ATSA’s Prevention Committee. She has served as the Executive Director of MASOC and the contact person for MATSA. Joan regularly presents at ATSA Annual Conferences in addition to local conferences on issues related to policy and prevention. She has been published in SAJRT and in the Forum on prevention, bystander intervention, public policy, and other related topics. She has been published in several other journals related to sexual abuse prevention, many newsletters, book chapters, and co-authored the ATSA publication, A Reasoned Approach. Joan began a strategic planning process that led to a victim advocate representative on the Board of Directors, the creation of the Prevention Committee, and the Gail Burns Smith Award. Joan has been described by her colleagues as passionately committed to prevention and bystander work, and is task focused, tireless, and humble. Thank you, Joan, for your dedication to prevention and victim advocacy! 

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