ATSA Forum - Vol. XXVII, No. 2
Spring 2015  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
Regular Features
 Editor's Note
 President's Message
Featured Articles
 Applying the Self-Regulation Model to Community Supervision
 How to develop good public understanding of child sexual abuse and its management.
 International Membership Survey Results
 Protective Factors for Sexually Violent Offending
Students' Voice
 Online Sexual Offenders’ Implicit Theories
Book Review
 Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy
ATSA Forum Survey
 ATSA Forum Newsletter Readership Survey
 Call for Board Nominees
 Awards & Grants
 Ethics Violation
 New ATSA Members
 Safer Society Press

ATSA Forum Newsletter Readership Survey

The Forum newsletter is an important communication tool and resource for the ATSA membership. In order for this quarterly to remain relevant and responsive to the members, we wanted to create an opportunity to hear from readers about what they like about the Forum and how they would like to see it evolve. The goal is to improve the design, content, interface, and any other aspect of the Forum experience to meet the needs of ATSA members.

Please complete the brief survey below and provide us with your feedback on the Forum. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will provide us with valuable information to help guide the Forum


Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here.