ATSA Forum - Vol. XXIX, No. 4
Fall 2017  (Plain Text Version)

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 Why is Juvenile Polygraph Not Recommended by ATSA?
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 Responding to Problematic Technology Use:
Creating a Therapeutic Toolbox

 Looking After Ourselves and Each Other
 Utilizing Recreation Therapy as Part of the Treatment Model
 Understanding and Preventing Adolescent Pedophilia TEDMED Talk
 Step One of Cultural Competency Addressing Privilege & Power
Students' Voice
 Assessment of Deviant Preferences Using Novel Behavioral Assessment Procedures
 A Studentís Guide to the ATSA 2017 Conference
Book Review
 RNR Principles in Practice In the Management and Treatment of Sexual Abusers
 2017 ATSA Conference Events
 Preventing Harmful Sexual Behaviors in Youth: An Infographic from the ATSA Prevention Committee
 Welcome Incoming Board Members
 2017 ATSA Awards
 ATSA Professional Code of Ethics 2017 Revisions and Additions
 New ATSA Members

Understanding and Preventing Adolescent Pedophilia TEDMED Talk

Elizabeth Letourneau

Please watch Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau deliver a powerful message about youth who commit sexual abuse in the TEDMED talk (link below). Many of you working in this area already know Elizabeth to be a passionate and dedicated pioneer in the prevention of child sexual abuse, and in this video you see her educate, narrate, and advocate in a way that can make all of us proud to do this work. Elizabeth provides clear explanations of basic research on youth who have sexually offended. She delivers compelling arguments against problematic policy, while providing a new way of understanding child sexual abuse through a public health lens. Finally, she shares her own learning and subsequent work with non-offending youth to make the case for prevention, not punishment, as our response to this issue.