ATSA Forum - Vol. XXX, No. 4
Fall 2018  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
Regular Features
 Editor's Note
 President's Message
 Is there such thing as “sexual harm” or is it always Abuse or Trauma?
Featured Articles
 Moving beyond the “sex offender” dialogue:
How ATSA members can promote person-first language

 Pros and Cons of Manualized Approaches to Sexual Abuse Specific Treatment:
Experiences of Programs in Kansas & Oregon

 The Clinical Practice Corner: Juvenile Practice
 The ATSA Adult Clinical Practice Committee
Students' Voice
 The ATSA Student Experience:
A Personal Anecdote on Attending the Conference and Joining the Student Committee

Book Reviews
 Two by Jeglic and Calkins
 The Safer Society
Handbook of Assessment and Treatment of Adolescents Who Have Sexually Offended

 2018 ATSA Conference Events
 Public Engagement Event
 Welcome Incoming Board Members
 2018 ATSA Awards
 New ATSA Members

Public Engagement Event